Watch: Roladex – Glass Statuette


Bright colors intertwined with VHS-quality and other psychedelic enjoyment. Together with the technology of yesteryear, Roladex have done good in their homage to where their influences come from. With their 80’s-infused synth-pop sound and their carefully executed visual FX create a hypnotic atmosphere which is almost exclusive to music-videos from that decade and before the 2000’s. You will find no polished turds á la big business labels and their PR-menagerie here. Not to mention their song “Glass Statuette” on their newly released split with ((PRESSURES)), which is saturated with the mesmerizing duo’s eloquent vocals whose delivery hypnotize you, as the spastic arpeggio rhythm continually rolls in the foreground – an aquatic melody seduces you. You can’t help but start humming the lyrics in a repetitive fashion. I also think the video captures a bizarre vein that Roladex don’t capture as well with their music, which seems to me when I listen to it to be in all seriousness, but the video itself adds that tongue-in-cheek vibe that music-videos used to give. Either because they were abhorrent in their silliness, or simply delivering a positive nerve in the musical delivery – which in Roladex’s case is true – as you also can’t help but smile.

It would’ve been great if this split-release could’ve featured a music-video by ((PRESSURES)), too. Because then it would’ve been more than two songs that you keep on the repeat. But with that said, I think the track “The Voices” complements “Glass Statuette” very well. I think ((PRESSURES)) are the ones whom deliver the futuristic touch to this release, as the B-Side coincides with Roladex’s passionate nostalgic reflections both in track and video. “The Voices” almost touch cold-wave territory, but instead of going into the coldness and reflections of that – there’s a clear disco-vibe to the whole she-bang. With vocals that soothe your soul, together with a steadfast drum-machine rhythm and cosmic synthesizers – I would say that the A-Side gives more hope for us in the future. Though a lot of melancholy can be heard in both tracks, the bleaker side is when Roladex comes on, but I’m not sure anymore after having seen their music-video. All of this might be my hypnotized me talking, but they’ve charmed me with their other side of the coin. Both tracks are complementary as I’ve said, but one wouldn’t stand with the other and they display different characteristics. I just wish they would’ve included the music-video with the release and also made a music-video for ((PRESSURES)) track. That way, their likeness and difference could’ve been visually represented as well as musically.

Since this is a joint release by Medical Records and Disko Obscura, you can either choose to order the limited edition 7¨ in thick transparent yellow, or transparent urochrome vinyl. It’s your choice whether you’d like to go with Medical Records or Disko Obscura, but they both have their unique take on it and if you’re a collector then you should go for them both. You can order the transparent yellow version here, and the transparent urochrome here. Stream both tracks digitally down below and watch the music-video above.

Stream: Svensk Punk och Hardcore (Swedish Punk and Hardcore) podcast!


I’ve collected the fragments of the different episodes that I created during Summer for my first podcast ever. It was to be called “Svensk Punk and Hardcore” i.e. “Swedish Punk and Hardcore“. Focusing on the Swedish scene of punk and hardcore, inviting a lot of bands to be interviewed, creating a little buzz on your screen but nothing more. Since the episodes have been strewn all over the internet, I decided to collect them all under my umbrella that is Soundcloud. Everything from the first episode (0) to the last (5) is being featured in a playlist. The only episode that isn’t up yet is the one that is almost eight hours long. So I need to splice that one up in two parts before it’s going up. The rest you can listen to if you’d want to. Right now there are almost thirteen hours of every punk and hardcore song imaginable, at least from the Swedish scene over the years. Listen to them all if you wish. Unfortunately the interviews are only in Swedish. Enjoy.

Watch: Little Trouble Kids – Haunted Hearts

If you’re hungering for some noise to your late-in-the-afternoon tea or coffee, look no further. As we dot the line in Belgium, a band called Little Trouble Kids e-mailed me about the fact that they’ve got a music-video out for their latest single “Haunted Hearts“. I haven’t actually heard of them until this popped up in my browser. Interestingly enough, they’ve got a nice approach to both pop-music and noise as such, together with their “grandiose minimalism“. Grandiose I say, because their percussion-focused track “Haunted Hearts” deliver a somewhat minimalistic sound, in one aspect at least – and that is the semi-acoustic atmosphere and the vocals. Resonating throughout the sound-scape is a new form, but albeit old form, of avant-garde expression. However, what makes their song interesting as such, as I haven’t heard anything from them but this song – is the fact that the percussion takes a leading role. But also the fact that their landscape of sound is shaped around the fragmenting parts that make it feel so completed. This, together with the different elements of both a female vocalist and a male vocalist. This is also where the appropriate tagline for them appear, namely: alternative. Little Trouble Kids is Eline Adam and Thomas Werbrouck.


Watch their haunting and mystical music-video up above and download their first single “Haunted Hearts“, taken from their forthcoming album with the same name, for free from their website. The album itself will be released on the 17th of March, so I’d tell you to look out for whenever it comes out, because they’ve got a pretty interesting sound. For those of you that are interested in their discography I’d suggest that you’d check out their second album “Adventureland“, released on Little Trouble Disks in 2012, and their debut-album “Little Trouble Kids“. Both can be streamed and listened to down below. Their new track “Haunted Hearts” can be downloaded for free from here.

Stream: Group Rhoda – 12th House


I know that it has already been streamed before, countless times. But it’s time for me to admit that I began to have a liking for Group Rhoda, even though I’ve only heard “12th House“, so far. I found out about Mara Barenbaum through Max and Mara, the interesting co-operation between her and Max Brotman – that is due to come out this month on Dark Entries Records. Even though I’ve already written about Max and Mara, I wanted to take a listen to “12th House”, which is the latest album by Group Rhoda – a solo-project courtesy of Mara Barenbaum. It’s also her second album, as “Out Of Time – Out Of Touch” was the first release under this alterego, put out by the label Night School in 2012. These intriguing melodies that spring from what is a 8-tracked album became too overwhelming. Accompany that with a sullen voice, partaking in the melodic and more anthemic rhythms – made into a potpurri of genres. I must say that I’m more fond of the darker tones in the B-side of this album then anything, but I’m happily seduced by the subliminal rhythmic tantrum that is being sparked throughout these songs. By far, the song “Dust” have me entangled in a psychotic synthesized tango, which I recant for myself as I bob my head to the wonderful elements of the song. I’m not sure about you, but I feel like Group Rhoda is a more subliminally militant dose of synthesizer delight than I could’ve ever imagined. Some aspects of Group Rhoda actually remind me of Tredje Mannen, a synth-pop group that existed in Sweden from 1982-1988. A video can be found below.

The name itself, could mean everything from “a group of roses” – to a minor character in the New Testament, a biblical figure, a servant in the house of Mary. But I’m not the one to speculate, and frankly, I couldn’t give a toss about it. Or maybe I could, because I keep thinking to myself what it could mean. As I make up analogies in my head, as the music paint picturesque and overtly nostalgic images in my head. Anyway, I suggest that you take a listen to it, because it might be one of the greatest albums of this year. I’m not simply saying that because I have to, but because I became seduced once I listened to it. If I can find at least one, two or three favorite tracks on an album – it becomes a clear contender. I don’t want to like everything about it, I simply want to be seduced by something in it. By the way, the wonderful cover was created by Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough. Now you can stream it down below and make up your mind, or get a copy digitally, as well as physically – from Not Not Fun Records.

Stream: Veil Of Light – Cold Skin


Finally, the latest album that Veil Of Light has put out there is up for grabs. “Cold Skin” not only takes you into another dimension with the music at hand, it also proves that the Zürich-born project can be done single-handedly. Of course, he’s had the help of Viktor Ottosson when it comes to mastering, and Edition GRIS when it comes to releasing. But when you think of it, it’s kind of impressing that Michael Ho (Veil Of Light) has managed to do something only a band should be able to do. Everything about it reminds you of the past, yet in a more callous form. Nothing is about nostalgia, but it is obvious that the influences are put apart and put together again – so he could have something to play with. The almost ethereal and shoegazing sound that he graces you with in “Treasure“, to the slower and more gripping dark rock anathema of “Cinereous” – pave way for a whole new way of doing it, without copying the way it’s been done before. Not to mention the hazing atmosphere that “Into The Night” gives off. It’s as if you’d pick up a demo from yesteryear’s crazily underrated gothic outfits, put into the 21st century, done without the cheesiness of it. I must say that I like demos, but I like this even more. There’s something about the chastised atmosphere that makes you want to swing your arms around, but not too much – so you don’t embarrass yourself. What am I really talking about? I don’t know by know, because I’m so enthralled by it. I must say that this is something you should consider buying. If you buy it, you’ll have to be quick, because it’s limited to 200 copies. When you buy it, you get a download-coupon to the other two tracks. You can buy it from Edition GRIS over here, and stream it down below.

Stream: Lebanon Hanover – Tomb For Two


A minute ago, Lebanon Hanover finally announced that you can buy their album digital and stream every track on it. Much to the joy of you misanthropes out there, because they have another jackhammer they’d love to hit you with. Existential questions plague them, within the realm for their suggestive and subliminal assault on our minds. Blending together the German language with the British, making it a dark field-trip for every European. Their earlier content have been even more miniscule, whilst they add a whole other dampened atmosphere with the minimal wave – which is used to broaden the landscape. Even though their mission is to DE-construct, it feels like they re-construct much of our Faustian soul. Mind you, this should not be considered to be a review, but rather an insight for myself and others to contemplate what this means to us. Rather; our interpretation of their words, when contrasted with the musical landscape they so carefully map out. Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline embody a metamorphosis of feelings that contrast each other. On one hand, there’s the gravely melancholic and cynical view which they present to us through their barren landscapes, but on the other hand – there’s a world of beauty laden beneath the thorns in their side. Larissa manages to embody the dismay of how you fail to even, in the slightest, change the ingrained minds and thoughts of others. With her unengaged – yet engaged – voice of disgruntlement. Re-imagining another world through harsh emotions, hoping that there will actually be something worth to grasp on to, for their life. Tomb For Two is clearly their most outspoken work up to date, even though their outspokenness have been with them since they began, they’re maturing for each step they take. Or maybe it’s simply a decoy, to trick us all. Well, the laugh’s on you, not them. Stream their whole album down below and don’t hesitate to buy a physical copy from Fabrika Records, or download the whole deal for eight euros if you’re that type.

Streaming och några frågor till The Nature!


Ibland har man lust att ställa frågor som inte är särskilt formuläriska. Dock så känner man att man inte har tid att gå in på djupet, eftersom att man inte sitter öga mot öga. Precis så brukar det bli när några frågor ställs, att man infinner sig i situationen och ställer ett fåtal frågor som besvarar det mest grundläggande. Denna gång har lotten fallit på det svenska punk/post-punk bandet The Nature. Eftersom att jag fått upp ögonen för dem på sistone och med tanke på att de under detta år redan släppt sin senaste platta “Medicin“, så sneglade jag på webbläsaren och skickade iväg några frågor. Ni får veta lite allt möjligt om ni tittar igenom det. Tyvärr är det så att denna intervju är lite äldre än vad den borde vara, men det är mig egalt, så ni får den ändå!

Eftersom att ni definierar er musik som post-punk så undrar jag varför ni valde just den genren?

– Vi valde inte nån genre utan sa att vi skulle spela precis vad vi kände för. På flyern till vår första spelning kallades vi postpunk sen började vi kalla oss själva det.

Finns det något svenskt band som ni tagit influenser ifrån när det kommer till post-punk?

– Nej, men det sägs att vi låter som Brända Barn.

Det verkar som att post-punk börjar bli allt mer populärt att blanda med andra sorters genrer och att genren i sig fått ett uppsving på senare tid. Tycker ni att ni passar in där med er musik eller är det något annat ni har tänkt er?

– Vi har inte tänkt så mycket men vi passar nog bra in i den genren. Bokare verkar ha svårt att bestämma sig vad vi låter som och vilka band som vi kan passa ihop med. Vi är inte rawk nog för vissa ställen eller garage nog för andra. Vi har gjort några gig på crustställen och det känns lite malplacerat men har funkat rätt bra ändå.

Ni har ju även släppt er nya platta direkt på Spotify som går under namnet “Din Medicin”. Skiljer sig ert tillvägagångssätt i skapandet av plattan – från ert tidigare släpp “Allting ordnar sig”, på något vis?

– “Allting Blir OK” var inte tänkt som släpp från början. Vi bara spelade in. Sen försvann inspelningen ett tag och när vi fick tillbaka den mixade vi klart och släppte. B-sidan, “Butikslåten”, var en gammal replokalsinspelning. Vi skulle aldrig kunna spela den igen. När vi skulle spela in LP:n var släppet redan planerat och vi jobbade mot ett mål. Vi satte grunderna på en helg men sedan hängde vi mycket i studion och la pålägg vart eftersom vi kom på dem. Ibland bjöd vi ner vänner och vissa medverkar på skivan.

Eftersom vi spelat in allt själva har vi haft väldigt fria tyglar. Vår allra första inspelning var en kaosartad tillställning där både vinpavor och mickar flög i golvet och vi var på väg att ge upp flera gånger. Till slut resulterade den ändå i vår debutsplit med Ignatius.

Hur pass nöjda är ni med slutresultatet?

– Skivan speglar vår bandfilosofi att allt är tillåtet. Vi är inte rädda för att spreta, en bra låt är en bra låt. Det är alltid nåt man vill göra om men som helhet är vi tvärnöjda.

Vad kommer ni att ha för er inom den närmsta framtiden?

– Skivan kommer på vinyl i början av April och i och med det ska vi försöka spela så mycket vi kan. I höst planerar vi en ny sväng på Rivieran.

Ni kan lyssna på en stream av deras låt “Förlorare” från deras släpp “Medicin” här nedanför.

Streaming: L’Obscurité – In Silence


Detta var tänkt som något, men blev istället något annat. Hur som helst har bolaget Ljudkassett släppt kassetten “In Silence” som är signerat det svenska bandet L’Obscurité. Det som måste tilläggas är att det är deras debutsläpp, vilket kommer i form av de fyra låtarna “In Silence“, “Darkness“, “Get Away” och “Mirrors & Error“. Om man blandar ett stycke mörk pop med synth-punk, så blir det förmodligen i närheten utav vad de sysslar med. Atmosfären känns underproducerad men på ett bra sätt.

Vilket får en att ersätta ordet “lo-fi” på grund utav frånvaron av kassettknaster. Atmosfären är generellt sett rättfram men bjuder även på en karneval av olika smaksensationer rent musikaliskt. Så, vad väntar ni på? Ge er in i deras värld och se hur den ser ut. Om det ni hör låter bra, så går det även att köpa på samma sida för 40 kr. Men om ni vill ha ett exemplar får ni skynda på, eftersom att upplagan är begränsad till 100 ex.

Beläten and Invisible Guy presents: Visions and Lights mixtape!

Something that was a thought at first carefully formed itself into a mixtape. Thanks to Beläten, who carefully mixed these tracks together, we get to hear some things from different labels but also a lot of new stuff from Beläten. Other tracks featured are from Kosmisk Väg, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Kalligrammofon, Hands In The Dark, afmusic, Neuropa, Autarkeia, Urgence Disks, Oficyna Biedota and Mannequin. Some tracks aren’t featured on any label and therefore I link to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp below. As we’re entering the season that’s called Autumn, this mixtape will help you on your way there. A perfect listening, on the verge of the transgression from Summer to Autumn.

Beläten describes it as following: “A selection of post avant-garde pop songs: some from the Beläten catalog, some from our allies and a few that are just in heavy rotation at the moment!


Militær Enhed – Sarajevo: Den Sorte Hånd (Excerpt) – Beläten

Cryme – Running Corpse – Kosmisk Väg

Moduretik – Pojď blíž! – Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Death And Vanilla – Cul-De-Sac – Kalligrammofon/Hands In The Dark

Voyvoda – Staroverets – afmusic

Blitzkrieg Baby – Pig Boy – Neuropa

Xiu – Something – Beläten

Imiafan – The Park – Beläten

Black Vase – Fields – Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Swollen SS – I Love You Rommel – Autarkeia

Tropic of Cancer – The One Left – Mannequin

Ebola Collective – Krajzis! Krajzis! – Oficyna Biedota

Ekman – Synthesis – Beläten

Jogging House – Baby – (

Gertrud Stein – Tanze Samba Mit Mir – Urgence Disk

Buzz Kull – Visions & Lights – (

Interview with Thomas from Beläten!

Thomas Ekelund is the man behind the label Beläten. He’s also a musician, graphic designer and visual artist and comes from Gothenburg. His older projects include Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words a musicproject active from 2000-2010, Fukk God Lets Create a MP3-label active from 2000-2005, Fukk Tapes Lets Erase a tapelabel active from 2005-2009. And also a bunch of other projects, currently he’s occupied with these projects: Trepaneringsritualen, Swollen SS (with Lina Babydoll), IRNI (with Joachim Nordwall) and also, at times, Teeth. So, in other words this man is obviously occupied and have been occupying himself with projects throughout the years. I got the opportunity to interview Thomas about his current “sideproject” Beläten, where he draws his influences from, what he thinks about the music industry, where he is in the piracy question, tips for people wanting to start out their own label and much more. This is the first label-interview ever published on Invisible Guy, make sure to check it out!

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