Interview with Heroinmissbruk!

Heroinmissbruk (former Antistortion) consists of a wide range of swine. Each of them have different tasks. Svin D (Nuclear Bass), Svin H (D-Beat King), Svin S (Roar), Svin A (Angst scream and Panic Guitar) and Svin K (Guitar/Fahr/Peter Griffin). They appear to have some kind of faiblesse for the former DDR-regime of Germany. They’ve primarily released material as a contribution to the compilation Hotet Från Skogarna, where they will be featured. This is number five of eight in the series, focusing on the eight different bands of this compilation. I cleared some things up with the swines on DDR, why they are working class, what it means to them, when they’re releasing new material and much more. Don’t miss this.

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