Exclusive Premiere: Fragrance. – Dust & Disorders EP


There is something charming about Fragrance. – a new and emerging synth-pop artist from France – the solo-project of Matthieu Roche. Not only with the songs he’s produced that we’re exclusively premiering here via Repartiseraren, but also the beauty in the artwork itself for his debut-EP release “Dust & Disorders EP“. It is brave of him as a frenchman to make use of the english language as a vocalist. The result is an emotional trip which takes you from dreamy atmospheres, to bombastic synthesizers coupled with hard bass drums and an almost classical touch in between everything.

One could find some of his broken english to be something that would stop one from listening to the music, but frankly it doesn’t matter. There’s a certain beauty to all the instruments that are applied throughout the songs. No matter what you think about it, one can’t deny that the general theme and thought behind the tracks resonate within, as there’s an lure – it has a red line going throughout, the songs very much pick up where the other one left off.

This is far from ugliness, part of a french synth-pop tradition which is very likeable. The melodies are haunting, the choruses build up an expectation that is then fulfilled in the end. At times the songs get overwhelmingly emotional even for Repartiseraren. Here are five chansons which shouldn’t be left unlistened to. An exclusive premiere granted to us and we’re thankful to be premiering the EP in its entirety here on our independent and underground webzine. Enjoy the sounds that portray a picturesque and emotionally fulfilling trip from everyday life – yet taken from one’s everyday life.

When it comes to the audiovisual experience, we’re very fond of the song titled “Lust For Lights” – here made into a lyric-video. It’s a bit darker then the other songs, and it builds up to be a great song in general, with beautiful bridges and a constant tempo that has instruments added to it and a palette of space and strobelights are the main ingredients of the video itself. A simple but nicely made video.

The release was mastered by Hélène de Thoury at Synth Religion, the marvelous artwork and photography was created by Atelier Belle Lurette. The music itself was composed, written and mixed by Matthieu Roche. You can find him and his music over at FB, SC, YT and BC.

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