Exclusive Premiere: Soggy Creep -Shallow Drownings


It’s unbelievable that it has already gone two years since covering their first EP, and now Soggy Creep have returned – just to leave us as quick as they showed up with new material – “Shallow Drownings” is their final release, featuring three years of written music, like a mini-cosmos of their own. Due to mental health issues the band have decided to call it quits, which is saddening to hear since their grungy and gloomy post-punk, punk carries the perfect melodic and lyrical content to give them that original edge.

But enough moping, let’s get to the music at hand. Their first song “Folie á deux” has a wonderful baseline that carries the vocalists voice perfectly, alongside a drummer who gives that extra rhythm – the hi-hat is insane at times and the lyrics are those of ultimate despair, I mean, one can barely get past: “when our lives are extinguished, we seek only silence” without it giving you the chills, down to the bone. The riffs from the guitar are heavy but simultaneously melodious and to sum it up – it is a perfect first song of a, right now at least, promising album.

Then comesForgotten Skin” and here is where it is extremely obvious how entagled with grunge they are. From there it only gets faster and faster, then guns blazing, the punkiness of Soggy Creep crawls out of the soundscape – just to be toned down at the end, slowly fading out into a screeching halt – as if someone abruptly stopped the machine from going any further. The song clocks in at two minutes and a half, but it feels like it goes on forever and ever, and there’s a real likeability about the blend of different genres.

shallow-drownings-backShallow Drownings“, here come the title-track, is more of a down-tempo almost a bit sludge rock-ish kind of song. A hangman’s ballad, tightening the noose just a little bit more before entering a world of despair. The drums are really what catches the ear, they are tireless when it comes to the groove – but the rest of the atmosphere isn’t really anything that gives. Surprisingly, the bass catches up by the end and delivers – totally on point and then after that, the transition to the other song goes smoothly.

Bang! Here comes the B-Side and it is one of my favorite songs, titled: “Eradicated Man“, it really gives that carelessness a face. This is an apocalyptic song through and through, carrying that rock’n’roll flame that quickly fade into grunge by the least wink – when the chorus hits like a clockwork – all parts perfectly assembled and the clock is ticking because time’s running out, it’s almost up. What’s great about the latter parts of this song is that the guitars make it, at least for a couple of ten to twenty seconds, into a dark punk song – it really almost sounds a bit gothic, but here’s where the ‘gloomy punk‘ must’ve been given a place, in this song at least.

Invite/Unfold/Exhaust” is gargantuan melodically. However, I feel like the vocalist is kind of out of place in many segments of the song, he only finds his right in the chorus where the melodies coincide into a wonderful mix of wickedness, and this passage is especially great, lyrically: “fear alone, could make the world turn round, nemesis knocking all the while“. The song becomes so damn hefty near the end of it, as the riffs become more ingenious and are perfectly coupled with one another to bring it to the final halt. Wow, a really, really great song which leaves nothing to the imagination, it is easy to follow through because of the general atmosphere of it, and how it is mesmerizing as hell.

The final song is really the darkest one when it comes to the lyrical content, as it goes: “there’s no rope here, for when the bottom gives away“. It really summarizes the whole meaning of “Shallow Drownings” – here’s where the sickness has spread through the whole mind and body. When it comes to the music, it is not as interesting as the previous songs on this release, but lyrically it serves its’ purpose as a final song. It is too bad that Soggy Creep have managed to put all this effort, throughout the years, into this album – just to quit – but at the same time it is the “perfect” goodbye, if one can even say it like that since the reasoning behind it is dismal, but they’ve outdone themselves and generally speaking – this is an album that Repartiseraren recommends. Stream it down below, exclusively.

The album was recorded on the 15th to 16th of August by Joey Seward at Left Field Recordings in Shelton, WA. Mastered by Carl Saff, photographies taken by David Hoekje (Spitting Image), layout by David Olgarsson (Hemgraven). Originally intended as a co-release (12¨/CS) by Soggy Creep and Conditions Records, now instead available via Repartiseraren for exclusive streaming.


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