Listen: Local Blood – A Lure Of Sights


Yet another post-punk band that is dabbling with minimalism and electronica? No, not really. Local Blood is something different, a more droned out and focused post-punk outfit from Vilnius. With concentrated, dark riffs, they take you into a whole other world then your own. It is somewhat more oriented around the instrumentation itself and less around the fact that it is post-punk – which is good – there need not be another band happily proclaiming to be post-punk because that almost always ends with a bad taste.

The Night A Forest Grew” is a perfect post-punk song. It doesn’t even need vocals to be good, it just need these continuous riffs and melodious passages that ooze out sincerity and melancholy – both vibes can be gotten from an early stage of the song, and it just continues from there. This band reminds me a lot of The Foreign Resort, or at least their earlier material, which is good since it is a great band.

The last song, “Total Guidance“, becomes a post-punk ballad you can really listen to – rather then an outro that just cuts things off musically. Everything on this release harkens from the same theme and tries to walk the thin line they’ve put out there as a guideline to follow. All the songs on this release are good in their own peculiar way, you should really pay attention to them and listen to their release “A Lure Of Sights“, down below.

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