Watch: group A – Deadly 16

As enchanting as destructive, group A deliver an unfathomably great music video for their bonus-track “Deadly 16” – as taken off the vinyl edition of their third album “70+a=“. It is a really catchy synth-pop and harsh minimal electronics song which leaves nothing to the imagination. The song itself is very imaginative and straight-forward, with pulsating beats and sudden clashing instrumentation, which startles, to say the least. It’s a song you can dig the whole way through without being disappointed.

With the help of Eric Van Wonterghem (Absolute Body Control), they’ve gotten the track remastered, and to say the least it sounds really warm at the same time as it is one of the coldest tracks we’ve ever laid our ears upon. They have managed to create a really catchy and good rhythm – with the help of chanted vocals that go well alongside the general beats and other instrumentation. There’s a certain kind of vibe which goes well alongside with the theme of the video, centered around an almost claustrophobic view of the world itself, masterfully directed by Sayaka Botanic (group A) – as everything blends into the darkness that is portrayed through the theme, nuclear power plants and what not, adding an edge to the track which would be lacking otherwise.

The song itself was recorded and mixed by Tommi Tokyo (group A) – and even that is on point. There’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to this song, it is as forceful as it is reserved – as hard-hitting as it is soft beneath the layers of heavy beats. There’s a sincerity within this song that makes it what it is, they’ve really given their all to conjure as bleak of a picture as possible, which is only enhanced by the video itself. Watch it up above and enjoy this latest song from the remastered release of “70+a=“.

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