Watch: ALVAR – SteelWerks Live 2016

It’s fun to watch how Alvar slowly have developed into something extraordinary, especially as seen here in a live excerpt, with footage taken by Erik Söderberg (Kinder aus Asbest) – where they are live on-stage together with Fredrik Djurfeldt (Analfabetism, Boar Alarm) and Jimmy Svensson (Yabibo Hazurfa). Together they present a grandiose beatmaking machine that thunders on until eternity, with melodies that swing harder then a guillotine. Get ready for your mind to be twisted and turned upside down.

When accompanied by the dark vocals of what supposedly is Jonas Fredriksson, nothing can go wrong. The melodies also have a lighter touch to them which helps the beats along, as the complex rhythms complements the general structure of the song, when introduced together with the melodies. SteelWerks is a really dark inward look into the world of Alvar, a cinematography as minimal as the songs are – which makes it accompany their general aesthetic very well. Their whole mythology showcased to the utmost degree.

They say goodbye to 2016 with this black, white and almost blueish clip – only outlining their silhouette – adding to the mysteriousness that surrounds the group itself. Watch the clip up above and get the full immersive experience.

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