Listen [November Edition #3]: Egoprisme – EP#02


Overly melodic and suggestive minimal synth from France. Egoprisme takes it up a notch in terms of the melodic content not usually found within minimal synth. It could be because of the influences that lay in cold and dark wave, but it could also be because of the ingenious rhythms that they’ve created – which bring out a melancholic vibe – alongside the french vocals, which help the atmosphere of the song to rise from ash and beyond.

En Secret” is the entry track, a creative picturesque song which helps to conjure up a certain mood – there’s a vibe to it that is unmistakenly danceable. It’s really a dancefloor song for the more melancholic of us, for those longing and missing someone. Nostalgia is heading into full swing and brings with it synthesizer melodies and creative rhythms that change and develop over time, it’s like an overlaying texture of multiple synthesizers – shaping the song to have a monstrous atmosphere. A leviathan of a creation in itself.

WhenLa Plage” has such nice percussion to begin with, it is not easy to turn yourself off from the song. Two claps later, some synthesizers and sombre riffs, plus the majesticness of the general atmosphere – this song is somehow even better then the first one, which is ridiculous considering what craftsmanship that went into the first song. This song is coherent, structured well, enough to be a nice trip into your innermost feelings, through music. There’s really something about the french minimal synth/wave-scene that have kept giving since years back.

Here’s where things really turn into something, as “L’incandescence” is a collaborative track with Mode In Gliany, an artist premiered on Repartiseraren some time ago. His creativeness when it comes to the rhythm and melodies, make for an even more ambitious song, as the synthesizers organically move along with the rhythms, not to mention the vocals – which are so on point in this track that it is ridiculous – the sombre attitude that the french language delivers is perfect for this kind of music. Heck, it was meant for this.

Lastly, with “I am the sun” they stray away from french and incorporate a bit of english into their lyricism as well. This collaborative track with D. Jestin have some really monumental synthesizers that would’ve made for a great instrumental track, but the broken english doesn’t go too well with everything else. Though there is something utterly sentimental about the singer’s voice itself, not so much the lyrics, which makes for a good comeback – in an otherwise perfectly fine song.


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