Exclusive Premiere: GHXST – Stories We Tell


GHXST return to Clan Destine Records with their second release in their discography, titled “Perish“. Last time they released anything via this record label, they had their album “No Rest For The Wicked” released – back in 2011.

With vocals by Shelley X, the song “Stories We Tell” become an ethereal piece of music, the experimentation takes you way out of the normal doom pieces, as they include post-rock into their soundscape. It creates a moody, outdrawn, wasteland-esque atmosphere which ultimately makes for a great song.

It transgresses into the sound of their earlier release, as the undertones remind you more about the combination of post-punk and experimental doom – and how it would sound. Heavily relying on the general theme that a great doom-record could be able to produce. The mixture between these genres result in a very eerie song in general.

The drums are on point, steadily moving forward with the rest of the instrumentation, there’s a sullen outlook portrayed in the dismay of the lyricist Shelley X’s voice – and it never goes out of speed with the rest of the atmosphere, it fits like it should and it sounds like it was meant to be there in the first place.

GHXST have created a wicked blend of experimental doom and post-punk, with other influences also counted for, of course – there’s a hint of gothic when it comes to her vocals – and there’s also those overlying industrially-themed drums that makes you think of Clan Destine Records immediately.

Not to mention how there’s a medley baked into the music itself, a rock’n’roll riffing that kind of catches you off guard as you weren’t expecting such a solo by the end of the song, whilst you were looking for other influences that garnered more interest – but it’s a nice touch that definently makes the song even greater.

Buy the release either digitally or as a pro-dubbed cassette.

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