Listen [November Edition #1]: Ossuary Severe


Ossuary Severe is an interesting band from Forth Worth, Texas. They really know how to evolve within the boundaries of noisy post-punk, experimenting with both the underlying rhythms and the baselines to get that perfect, sharp, longing soundscape that together with synthesizers remind you of something that could’ve been twenty years ago. Sharp, concentrated riffs that hit that nostalgic nerve within you.

Their first demo isn’t that convincing when you hear the introduction, but they get you with a swift kick to the chin in “Coldest Hearts Bleed” – the riffs that come out of nowhere are piercing, together with the general atmosphere of the music – sure it is still a demo, but it is a nice song to listen to. Especially if you’re interested in the more experimental and alternative side of post-punk.

When the song “Harder To Love” comes on, the melodies are simply out of this world and the rhythm reminds you more of a death rock-anthem then anything else. There’s something about their ambition to construct the most wild, yet amazing atmosphere that has one rocking back and forth to each song they spit out. Everything is on point for this band, and each song that kicks in after the other is different – yet alike when it comes to how great overall this demo is. A really great effort for a band that has yet to release more.

Pothos’ Awakening” is a maelstrom of interesting melodies, a barrage of drums and slick baselines that go into one another like they were more stubborn then the other. Then the chorus kicks in and everything becomes a little more concentrated, just to unleash the fury that is within their dreamlike soundscape. It is like a dream and a nightmarish experience compiled into one.

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