Exclusive Premiere: Collector – Twin Houses


Spiked industrial techno for your own well-being, or might it be destruction? At least it’s temporary massage for your darkened soul.

In collaboration with Clan Destine Records, we bring you this noisy endeavour signed Collector, as everything comes tumbling down upon you. With his release “Life After Olympic Gold“, we go a bit deeper into the tunnel and end up on the other side. Industrialized techno that goes way beyond the normal – into an icy soundscape that eventually burst into something beautiful.

The atmosphere itself lingers along with the synthesizers, until it finally displays what it has been carrying all along – a sword of ice – pristine, glowing in the wind as November’s ending and December is in full swing just a week from now. Fittingly enough, as shared on the coldest blog-zine in the north. Cold beats for a cold heart – but for those willing to see beneath the surface – there’s beauty to gather, and lots of it.

There’s something special about this song itself, metaphorically speaking, imagining two houses standing in the midst of an all-out blizzard – as the beats come crashing in, as you desperately try to hold out for as long as possible. Then for a couple of seconds, everything fades out into silence – and there you are – in the midst of a chaotic blizzard, but have you even made it? Who knows.

Say what you want about his music, but it doesn’t sound half-arsed and uninspired like most of the techno which is put out in 2016. There’s a concrete soundscape which develops from horror into pure beauty, there’s a willingness to experiment which is the Clan Destine Records signature – having heard almost the whole discography itself.

Buy his music from Clan Destine Records, either digitally or as a pro dubbed cassette.

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