Listen: Arsenic Of Jabir – 50Hz


When electronic music has that special touch, that splendour that hasn’t been overtly noticeable, when the beats come crashing through the wall – the composition is overwhelming – ambitiousness is not lacking at all – for Arsenic Of Jabir. His release, “50Hz“, is a staple of how you can create electronic music nowadays and how it should be created. Even though everything’s very retro, there are fantastic melodies and when you only need four songs to shoot through the maelstrom of music coming out, that’s a sign of that you’ve got talent.

My favorite song, “Heartcrash“, is a song as energetic as it is melodic. You’ve got your industrial beats coming crashing in, industrial rhythms with focus on the lyrical content and the composition at hand – a well-composed piece of music which upholds the release to the high standard which it left it in after the first song, “Isolator“. There’s a certain explosiveness about Arsenic Of Jabir’s music. Listen to it down below and hear it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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