Spotlight: Anton De Neige & Sanne De Neige


Originally, this article was intended as a bonus-article for the recommendations in darkwave and coldwave, but since a lot of things have been going on with the label – it was post-poned – and not indefinently scrapped. This will be a separate article that will not only be featured on Repartiseraren, but also here on

Sanne De Neige are a page for themselves. They feel like something else, yet their music contain everything of what made yesteryears bands and groups so great. A feeling and a fire burning inside, not the same old machine in the now abandoned industrial park – an eloquent yet original act from Sweden.

When they once started out, they had few songs available, but over the years they have gained much attention from fans worldwide. They’re one of those bands who managed to fill your soul up with delight, with sorrow, with melancholia and everything in between. Once they released “The Forest Tapes” – I found out about them and wrote about the album itself and the essence of what then – seemed to be them.

Later on, a completely separate song, “Luna“, was premiered exclusively on my site. Since then, in my opinion, they’ve only gotten better. When I was notified of them getting “The Forest Tapes” and Anton De Neige’s solo-project released on InClub Records, it was like a book had been written for so many years and then finally released to the public. What was sorely lacking then, which people really didn’t care too much about, me included – was their songs on a physical format. Since their music felt so complete, I guess there was only this little piece of the puzzle missing.


I don’t really know where they come from, when it comes to the music, but I can loose myself to their beautiful melodies and serene atmosphere – which can be said for virtually every song they’ve ever created, everything’s unique in its own way and you will probably like more then just a song. It is scarce when it comes to artists, bands and groups, nowadays. You either just like one song or none of them. I’ve picked them all out, and put them in a special place.

It will be really interesting to see what people make of this the further they go. I’m just hoping they continually improve and become something more then they already are. Even if they wouldn’t, they’ve released memorable songs. So just walk with me as I take you onto the forest passage.

Both releases can be bought as a limited edition cassette or CD via InClub Records.

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