Spotlight [Forthright]: ıšdavıkaı / Dold


For those of you that loathe techno as much as I do, read no further. Even though it might be true that I’ve covered that genre and am going to in this article as well, I would like to have that said before you read. This is, however, no ordinary techno. This is how techno could sound like if executed properly. There are severeal examples of this. I’m just tired of everyone starting labels that only do techno, which goes by different names, but is essentially the same tired repetetive nonsense.

Starting off with two similar characters, working within similar genres, ıšdavıkaı is the first one to appear in this spotlight. It’s ambient and noise, rhythmic noise to an extent but definently ambient as a whole. Second one is Dold.

I saw this link which took me to offworldcolonies, a bandcamp-page for that artist which also expands into different, other artists. ıšdavıkaı is by far one of the more intriguing ones on that page. From the essence of ambient to the core of noise and beyond, you’re taken on an inverted trip, with atmospheric content beyond your wildest imaginations. He also stays within those drawn borders so it doesn’t get too eclectic.

From the constant churning of “Brigand“, to the more resounding and dim “Flashbang, Flashbang“, the album itself – “Tear Down Tactic” – is a joyous moment that lasts more then briefly, an outdrawn one, which takes you into different genres with a mixture of many, creating a wide-spread cocktail of influences and total submerged annihilation. There’s always something brooding beneath the surface.


When it comes to Dold, he’s featured on the second release via Intimate Silence. His sound is a bit more bombastic then ıšdavıkaı, but a lot of it is virtually the same – when it comes to genres and maybe also influences. There’s an industrial-clad ambient seance that in some tracks transforms into perfectly fine techno. Most of it, though, grabs a hold of itself and stays within noise, industrial, ambient – which I am thankful for.

The second release from Intimate Silence is a good one, there are many moments which surprise me, other moments which do not. The third song off this release is the most memorable. There’s a certain clarity about the song that just doesn’t wear off, it sounds like one of those Stendeck-tracks that you could listen to over and over again. Nothing else is comparable between those two artists, but I really like the general atmosphere and the direction in which the song is heading, as it slowly builds up to blindly fade away.

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