Listen: Mortal Creations – Völuspá


What would happen if Alvar met Mortal Creations? Would the world quickly dim, fade away into oblivion? It would be a collision, it would be like the biggest meteor hit earth and erased all of humanity in the blink of an eye. This is easily one of my favorite projects to date, after having heard all the tracks from the release. It’s monumental, the inspiration is drawn from Norse mythology and joined into fruitful ambient music.

Their debut-releaseVöluspá” is the perfect theme for your boring week. Listen to “Uppsala Temple” – be enlightened again. This is music with subliminality and is ambitious to the core. How have not anyone else been able to create such wondrous music before, given the thematic specifications? I can’t answer that question on my own. Stream it in whole and buy it digitally, down below.