Exclusive Premiere: Aileron – Mirage


In collaboration with Lazerdiscs Records, we can for the first time ever give you a total insight into Aileron and his forthcoming EP “Mirage“. This EP feature remixes done by Absolute Valentine, Alpharisc and Niky Nine – alongside a plethora of newly written, earlier unreleased songs. The label almost exclusively caters to the synthwave/retrowave community, as the releases put out are derived from those genres, with few exceptions.

Though the music on this album is too pop-oriented for me to completely take in, it utilizes ambitious methods of arrangement and you quickly realize that it is a composer that takes his composing seriously. The favorite moments for Repartiseraren on this release are clearly the remixes, because they bring something else into the mix that the album (counting the original tracks) lack.

Especially the Absolute Valentine mix, which is stunning in every way. It adds that retro feeling to the whole track which makes it more enjoyable. But enough with the talking, get your evening started with this release and tune in for the exclusive premiere of it. A huge thank you to Lazerdiscs Records for letting me premiere it. You can pre-order the release via the Bandcamp-streaming service.