Exclusive Premiere: Offworldcolonies + Inget – Disintegration


Over Time Tapes are no slackers, they’ve already worked out their fourth release. Three releases strong since before, and now four, they’ve managed to hunt down Offworldcolonies and Inget for a sinister, yet ambient collaborational effort that has its roots in techno. This strictly cassette-only (and digital) label have brought in some intriguing releases, from Shielding to Post – and far beyond that.

So we decided to ask them if we could string up a collaboration – and that we could. From tonight and up until release you can listen to Offworldcolonies + Inget and their first song from the fourth release on Over Time Tapes. The song itself is called “Disintegration” and is a massive combined force of rhythm, sheer techno and atmosphere all combined into one. A really nice track to set things off.

When it is released you will be able to buy it from the Over Time Tapes shop which you can find a link to, as hyperlinked here. Do also not forget to check out their Bandcamp.