Listen: Boy Harsher – Yr Body Is Nothing


DKA Records strike again, with a top-notch release by Boy Harsher. “Yr Body Is Nothing” gives me the same feeling as when I first heard Keluar. Electronic music done right and proper, with warmth and a massive, almost ethereal but dark sound. This is my kind of noise and it will be yours. Spanning on ten tracks, this album is compromised of bits and parts from the past which made that kind of music good. Everything from lullabies to creative electronic endeavours are displayed in this release.

Though some songs might want me to turn off streaming, I continue to do so and manage to listen the whole thing through. The industrial themes in this release are really promising. Instead of doing the whole minimal wave thing all over again, they move from electronic body music to pure electronica and back again – pulling off all shenanigans they can manage – including industrial. The vocals are absolutely rigid but the lyrical content is nothing that attracts. I urge you to listen to this and get it on vinyl. Stream down below.

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