Listen: The Horrorist – Here Comes The Whip EP


Finally, some new The Horrorist material, oh how I’ve been waiting for him to strike again. This release is titled “Here Comes The Whip EP” and is released by the French label Teenage Menopause Records, both digitally and on a limited edition 7¨ vinyl. I’ve had my eyes on this label since they released “Heimat” a few months ago.

The sound of this release is just as it is titled, with the first track there’s a continual rhythm that goes into the morbid vocals of Oliver Chesler and it feels like a whip to my back. It’s a straight-forward track that sounds somewhere in between electronic body music and regular hard-techno. I really like how the arpeggiated rhythm is paired with the stone-hard beats that punch down into the ground.

The next track “The Darkness That Was Meant To Be” is some bizarre low-fi gothic serenade that churn out the same lyrical content over and over again. Laid upon a foundation of distortion, this melodramatic but calmly performed song is something else than the first side of this release. At first you’re questioning whether you like it or not, but after a couple of listenings it grows on you. Buy the release, and stream down below.

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