Spotlight: VOFA


The label Vanila is going to release their third release, and it will be with VOFA. Despite their rather egregious Tumblr-page, this sounds promising to say the least. Imagine banging drums and a really straight-forward hard techno launch into oblivion. This would be ultimate if you could actually have the opportunity to listen to the full release, but we’ll have to do with what we’ve got so far.

This four-tracked beast of a release feature everything from resounding drums, to industrial landscapes and the most static rhythms you could ever find. Everything boils down to some kind of metamorphosis between techno and industrial – resulting in sheer devotion to hard techno. Screaming ambient sounds, clashing atmospheres and a sinister delivery is everything you’d ever want it to be.

If you’d throw this into someone’s face they’d be truly terrified. Even though the general aesthetics of the release isn’t pleasing, the grimness of it gives it a slight better opportunity at being something greater then it already is. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on this release, because they will be issuing it on vinyl now sometime in May. Stream down below.

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