Exclusive Premiere: Poison Point – Osiris Temple


This is the first exclusive premiere to be written about on my blog-zine in a long time, I’m proud to be back at this as I haven’t had so much time to do this before, due to complications I wrote about, a year ago. So here we’ve teamed up with Third Coming Records to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Osiris Temple“, a song taken from the forthcoming release “Motorpsychold“, by Poison Point. A mini-LP due to be released on that label in the not too distant future.

When I first laid my ears on Poison Point I was excited about his developed sound and transgression from minimal synth, electronica, to post-punk and alternative rock. This is how the song is best described, as a fusion between those genres and more – bringing forth his uniqueness – and a really anticipated release at that. Because of this transgression between genres he bring forth the more electronic undertones to serve his post-punkish atmosphere.

So here you are, members of the public and devoted music-lovers, the exclusive premiere of “Osiris Temple” – only on Repartiseraren – for you to listen to, in co-operation with Third Coming Records. Be sure to buy the release, and stream this exclusive song down below. Enjoy it as long as it lasts.

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