Bigger Spotlight: Aliceffekt, L’Enfant De La Forêt, Videograve, STÜKA, Pola Tog, Fixmer McCarthy, Gerten, Pyramid Club


Being unable to listen to the whole record as of yet, aliceffekt‘s latest endeavour dabbles in rhythmic beats meets ambient atmospheric joy. Though a certain string of experimentalism shines through when the beats go haywire for a second or two into an IDM rhythm just to quickly shift into furious drum’n’bass-esque pounding. The most enjoyable moments on this record is definently riddled with IDM.

From the concrete rhythms that hit faster than you’d suspect them to, to the almost co-joined melodies that span throughout the ambient setting of each track. Though “Senni Market” is riddled with baselines that would normally make you shiver, the mysterious touch that aliceffekt adds to it make up for what would normally be a frightening experience.

It’s easy to say which one’s my favorite; “Usul Fog“; because there’s more of a coherent atmosphere in that track from beginning to end. From the resounding crispness of the rhythms to the transcendental melodies which could even make a sour puss like me smile for a change. No, kidding, I like to smile but this track gives me joyous moments which surpass the others. Stream down below, and buy.


ABRAXAS“, a masterpiece by the virtuoso behind the name L’Enfant De La Forêt. This parisian makes hauntingly good dark ambient, ambient music. From the first song “Altar” to the last one called “The Rope“, this ritualistic experience begins and ends with impressive percussionism, chanting, darkened landscapes that surge throughout and create an atmosphere anyone would envy. It can begin at the beat of a heart, just to descend into complete madness.

From pianos to monstrous industrial-like tones and beats that churn out a vastly abandoned landscape of sound. It’s everything from spooky to mystic. “IV” is probably my favorite song, because in that song he delves into IDM-like territory with his harsh beats and the rhythms create an enjoyable landscape of sound, in which I could find myself dwelling. Not to talk about the sincere melodies that are 100% of what makes the sound of this song, rough baselines that go through the roof, thoughtfully composed piano-strokes that conjure an emotional sound.

Even though nothing on the album beats that song, he holds a rather ambitious level when it comes to his music. “ABRAXAS” is nothing short of a masterpiece if I’d have to say so myself. It’s an album I would sincerely recommend everyone to go and listen to. Stream down below, and for god’s sake support the artist by buying his works.


What could be said about Videograve? They create some of the most intriguing new electronic body music that you could find out there. I find it sad that so few have supported their latest release “Ghoul” on bandcamp. So let’s hope that this spotlight gives them more justice then some people have. After premiering one of their songs on my Soundcloud, I decided to support the release myself, and that wasn’t really a mistake. I got a DVD-case with a patch, cassette and two pins – totally awesome.

This album is actually one of their more ambient endeavours, combining the likes of electronic body music with ambient to create a sullen atmosphere within their tracks. The beats themselves sound like they’re clad in swamp goo and the melodies churn out lingering swabs of total dismay. Just as you’ve had enough of the ambient music – they strike out of nowhere with Skinny Puppy-esque stabs of vocal heresy – with harsh beats laden as a palette – of different influences.

Some of the songs on this album also tear a new entry into synth-pop, but with a far more grim outreach than anything else. The industrialized sound-scapes of some of the songs are far more intriguing, as in “Hall of the Sybarites” – which is hands down my favorite song on this release. So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to receive the patch with the other goodies before they sell out, which I hope they do now. Buy, and stream down below.

This article will be continually updated…

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