Watch: SPARK – Zombie

SPARK is back on the attack, roughing you up like you’ve never known them before. I think they’ve combined the emotional part of yesteryear with their new outfit – and for that matter even better drums. The hardness and immaculate lyrical content is what makes them separate from the lameness that surge within the electronic body music genre, if you don’t take into account the transgressiveness of DKA Records and the likes, of course.

Progress Productions isn’t that interesting of a label, but they’ve got their household names and you can only be impressed by their work ethic as they churn out what they believe in on a regular basis. This, however, is probably one of their better additions as of late, not to say that the other things are not of interest – but SPARK surely is something you remember.

The music-video itself is directed by Joel Nilsson of Kajak Media and it’s really a masterpiece in itself. As if the song wasn’t composed well enough, his visual rendition adds even more fuel to the fire that is SPARK. We’ve got the ignition and now we just need a little spark to get everything on the road again. I’m happy to say that they’ve become more interesting for me now as they seem to have taken the best parts of their past and added new stuff to make it even better.

Watch the video on Progress Productions’ YouTube-channel and make sure to order their record when it is released on the 27th of May.

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