Spotlight Sweden [I]: D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., Facit, Ntogn


Where should I even begin with D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.? I may be biased when it comes to them and their music, since we’ve collaborated on multiple occassions in regards to this blog-zine, but I have disregarded my biased opinion and delved into their album on Northern Electronics. With this album, titled “Förensligandet”, they delve deeper into experimental electronics and would rather give you a headache then make you suffer through ambient and dark ambient. The songs themselves are definently shorter, but their sounds are harsher and more beat-oriented on this release.

What have been missed in regards to their sound? A frantic rhythm perhaps? No, not really. But you can hear how they’ve accelerated the rhythmic guise in which they throw explosive beats at you. From deep below the surface in a dungeon somewhere, to all-out warfare – they know what they’re in for and their executing of it is not mediocre – it’s all good. When you’ve been dragged out and quartered, eerie melodies take you down under and then back up again for another round. Buy and stream down below.

I haven’t really ignored Facit, it’s just that they’ve fallen out of my loop. They recently released “Måndag Mon Amour” on Waving Hands Records. Though I am not particularly fond of the lyrical content or the singer, the mechanics behind this release are moving as they should. Reminding me of my guilty pleasure Tredje Mannen. It’s good that someone have decided to take on their clothes and move into a similar, yet different direction.

When it comes to synthesizers, I myself have fallen in love with my Minilogue. It seems like they’re equally in trance when it comes to their equipment – because their melodies sound honest and beautiful. Somewhere along the line it becomes ridiculous to write a serenade about one’s portmonnä (purse), which in itself is too bad because everything else surrounding them sounds gentle and true at heart.

My favorite song on this release would be “Livet Är Blott En Transport” which almost delves into the territorial dispute between regular minimal electronics and full-on industrial. Good thing you’ve kept the industrial-themed synthesizers on the down low so we can enjoy the wondrous baseline and the continuous rhythm of the drums and percussion. Buy down below, and stream.

I never knew there existed a label named Tome, with similar aesthetics as Beläten. Apparently, they dabble a lot with experimental and ambient electronica and we’re delving into “Threads” – a release by the artist Ntogn. Field recordings and ambient go hand in hand and it sounds just like you’d want it to, repetetive noise turned into atmospheric beauty. Crass sounds that would smash concrete if it only had a hammer.

Apparently, this release’s music was a part of an art installation called “Where Threads Lead”, curated at the Frantic Art Gallery in Tokyo. Well, the strings bind up the musical landscape well and drag you along for the ride. Here’s everything from the darkest imaginable, to thoughtful pieces of shimmering light. Crackling through the seams of the landscape are rhythms that continue on for an eternity. You’ll have to be patient while listening to this.

Well, I enjoy it quite much but it’s really not my style of music. If it weren’t for the aesthetics I would be out of here right now. But you’re deserving of getting placed here in my spotlight anyway. Buy and stream down below.


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