Spotlight Special: Under Molnet


Under Molnet is one of those labels which go under the radar most of the times, but one of their releases have caught my eyes. They currently have twelve releases as of now and their latest is titled “Domarringen”, it’s a release created by offworldcolonies and released on Under Molnet now on the first of May. Even though it’s heavy on the techno, there’s room for certain experimentations below the surface of the sonic landscape, in which offworldcolonies portray a swedish, agrarian societal view through the means of his own music – at least for me.

With this release we delve into the caves of our ancestors, into their minds and beliefs, throughout their lives – into their final resting place. We delve into “dommarringen” – which essentially is a kind of burial site, put into effect as a method, during the bronze age. Much of this experimentalism reminds me of Övervarning and his complex rhythms, sonic landscapes and touches – without the obvious urban decay that he portrays with his music.

There are eigth tracks which displays different sides of his music, everything from rhythmical endeavours to pure ambient music that drives a nail into a coffin – a harsher side of the otherwise peaceful ambient genre. Everything seems to be so simple when you listen to it a couple of times, but when you’ve listened to it enough you realize that much of it is crisp, dedicative, intuitive and generally complex melodies, rhythms, arrangements, that drive the music itself forward and onwards into oblivion. Slowly it fades out and I’m happy I’ve taken the time to listen to it.

Stream it down below and buy a cassette.

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