Impressions: YOUTH CODE live at Saint Vitus Bar

I wasn’t attending this event, since I live nowhere near the United States of America. Therefore, I will share with you my impressions of a live-video from the Saint Vitus bar shot by Frank Huang.

From the very start it is noticeable that Youth Code mean business, they’re down for the kill and they’re ready to stirr things up. From the ambient atmosphere that leaves an expression of beauty, comes lurking with sinister beats, as Ryan George starts to shake things up for Sara, the easily most impressionable moment if you haven’t watched Youth Code since they released “Commitment To Compilcations”, is between 1:51 to 2:05 where everything builds up as Sara gets energized to start off the set with “[Armed]” which is the opening track on the album. Building off such a beautiful example of ambient just to shake things up into total electronic body mayhem is so sinister in itself.

Not to mention how things really start to build up into an inferno of d’n’b-like electronic body music that throw samples at your face until you can’t bear to hear them anymore, and prefer stay within the line with Sara’s vocals. When the whole crowd begins chanting at 6:13 is another moment which sends chill down one’s spine, because it’s such a true moment building up on their already heavy momentum.

Really, these moments are what makes this set so solid in the first place. Not that the remaining time of their set is worse, it’s just that in the beginning is where everything’s either “shattered” or “whole” – by the end. So I suggest you view this video and make up your own mind about what you like or don’t like about their set. I haven’t seen them live but if they show up in my town I will make sure to do so.

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