Listen: The Horrorist – Here Comes The Whip EP


Finally, some new The Horrorist material, oh how I’ve been waiting for him to strike again. This release is titled “Here Comes The Whip EP” and is released by the French label Teenage Menopause Records, both digitally and on a limited edition 7¨ vinyl. I’ve had my eyes on this label since they released “Heimat” a few months ago.

The sound of this release is just as it is titled, with the first track there’s a continual rhythm that goes into the morbid vocals of Oliver Chesler and it feels like a whip to my back. It’s a straight-forward track that sounds somewhere in between electronic body music and regular hard-techno. I really like how the arpeggiated rhythm is paired with the stone-hard beats that punch down into the ground.

The next track “The Darkness That Was Meant To Be” is some bizarre low-fi gothic serenade that churn out the same lyrical content over and over again. Laid upon a foundation of distortion, this melodramatic but calmly performed song is something else than the first side of this release. At first you’re questioning whether you like it or not, but after a couple of listenings it grows on you. Buy the release, and stream down below.

Lyssna: Jonas Broberg – Splash Mekanik LP


Jag måste erkänna att jag inte har särskilt bra koll på Börft Records, mer än vad Kord och FRAK håller på med. Dokumentären har jag lyssnat till på Elektroniskt i P2 och sen har jag hittat lite annat, men det var inte förrän jag fick reda på att Jonas Broberg släppt “Splash Mekanik” som jag tog tillfället i akt och lyssnade lite. Helvete vilken omvälvande platta – och det säger jag bara när jag lyssnat på snippets av alla fem låtar.

Detta är experimentellt till tusen men behåller gärna en hel del av rytm och struktur som man kan finna inom ambient-genrer. Allt från utspejsade dröniga miljöer till omkullkastande beats som får en att påminnas om en bättre version av Stendeck – även om det är rätt missvisande i sammanhanget. Mycket av det man hör påminner om Övervarning – i alla fall när det kommer till de mystiska och hårda ljud som när som helst kan komma nedfallandes över en.

Om ni tycker om det här borde ni köpa LP:n från Börft Records. Själv kan jag rekommendera det även om jag bara hört snippets. Det skulle vara underbart att höra det i sin helhet men det reserverar jag för en annan dag. Ni kan lyssna här nedanför.

Exclusive Premiere: Poison Point – Osiris Temple


This is the first exclusive premiere to be written about on my blog-zine in a long time, I’m proud to be back at this as I haven’t had so much time to do this before, due to complications I wrote about, a year ago. So here we’ve teamed up with Third Coming Records to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Osiris Temple“, a song taken from the forthcoming release “Motorpsychold“, by Poison Point. A mini-LP due to be released on that label in the not too distant future.

When I first laid my ears on Poison Point I was excited about his developed sound and transgression from minimal synth, electronica, to post-punk and alternative rock. This is how the song is best described, as a fusion between those genres and more – bringing forth his uniqueness – and a really anticipated release at that. Because of this transgression between genres he bring forth the more electronic undertones to serve his post-punkish atmosphere.

So here you are, members of the public and devoted music-lovers, the exclusive premiere of “Osiris Temple” – only on Repartiseraren – for you to listen to, in co-operation with Third Coming Records. Be sure to buy the release, and stream this exclusive song down below. Enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Spotlight: VOFA


The label Vanila is going to release their third release, and it will be with VOFA. Despite their rather egregious Tumblr-page, this sounds promising to say the least. Imagine banging drums and a really straight-forward hard techno launch into oblivion. This would be ultimate if you could actually have the opportunity to listen to the full release, but we’ll have to do with what we’ve got so far.

This four-tracked beast of a release feature everything from resounding drums, to industrial landscapes and the most static rhythms you could ever find. Everything boils down to some kind of metamorphosis between techno and industrial – resulting in sheer devotion to hard techno. Screaming ambient sounds, clashing atmospheres and a sinister delivery is everything you’d ever want it to be.

If you’d throw this into someone’s face they’d be truly terrified. Even though the general aesthetics of the release isn’t pleasing, the grimness of it gives it a slight better opportunity at being something greater then it already is. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on this release, because they will be issuing it on vinyl now sometime in May. Stream down below.

Lyssna: Aina Myrstener Cello – Solo S


I sin avskalade och nästan depressiva låt “Solo S“, gör Aina Myrstener Cello något som de flesta nya artister inte klarar av. Kombinationen av egensinning sång och en komposition som inte lämnar något utanför. Det är väldigt minimalistiskt men på ett annat sätt är det ambitiöst och nästan planerande i sin struktur. Hennes sångröst är något man skulle kunna lyssna på utan instrument, men instrumenten kompletterar verkligen hennes sång på ett bra sätt.

Det enda problemet jag skulle se är när det väl kommer till texterna. Men det problemet är också en bra sak i sammanhanget. Det blir lätt för generiskt, men i och med att det är utsvävande och nästan lite experimentellt så irriterar man sig inte på det fullt lika mycket. Även om musiken nästan klingar lite väl kallt, så är det just vad man vill ha när det kommer till hennes musik. Helst fler sådana här låtar, eller med välutvecklade melodier som får en att sväva iväg på lätta moln.

Tur att man har Flora & Fauna när alla andra skivbolag sviker gång på gång när det kommer till musiken. Aina Myrstener Cello är undantaget som bekräftar regeln i en annars så lam “bransch“, i alla fall när det kommer till de genrer hon håller sig inom och tar sig ut ifrån. Lyssna ovanför och tänk på att köpa det som hon har släppt.

Listen: Codex Empire / BLUSH RESPONSE

bd arc

aufnahme + wiedergabe have been working hard to pair up and release two records that are absolutely stunning. I can think of no-one more appropriate to be released at the same time, as Codex Empire and BLUSH RESPONSE. The more sneakier and atmospheric sound of Codex Empire goes well with the all-out assault done by BLUSH RESPONSE. With “Cutpurse” and “Body Architect” – we delve into the maddening and thoughtful world of them both.

When it comes to “Body Architect“, these four tracks form a coherent standpoint from which BLUSH RESPONSE launches his all-out mayhem on you. Relying on heavy beats and steady rhythm, he slowly transforms his hard techno into an unbelievable beast that is ready to swallow you any minute. Techno can otherwise become quite lackluster and not perform too well, having heard the same beats over and over again – but he transgresses that narrow line and completely reshapes your thoughts about this genre.

One foot in industrial and the other in techno, plus other genres that you can very well hear, his song “Body Artifex” is my personal favorite as it displays his expertise the best. From the acidic baselines to the huffing and puffing rhythmic noisyness, descending down upon you with jackhammered beats – kicking the shit out of your already over-stimulated brain. Think of how something as simple as this can turn into complex megalomania. Here’s for the 21st Century apocalyptic dance music that will make you question whether or not to let the whole world succumb into this madness or not – because you ain’t got much to live for anyway – after this. Buy and stream down below.


As “Cutpurse” starts off with “Fumifugium“, there’s a more balanced and steady rhythm which almost instinctively makes itself bigger then it already is, as the atmosphere is much of what makes Codex Empire what he is and what this record itself is. From the mysterious sounds to the repetitive noises, to the more well-grounded beats that blend into the environment perfectly, each track on this record is great – so it is hard to pick a favorite among these four.

But as soon as you enter “The Valley Of Wraiths”, which is the last song on the record, you begin to pick and choose which one’s the best – and this one tops everything off – ending it on a high-note. These baselines makes your head nod in different directions and the percussion is simply astonishing. I don’t really know how he layeres these different beats so well, but the arrangement in this song are out of this world – creating what could be a future classic – if not, a mighty offshoot from his now released record.

So this is how it should continue on aufnahme + wiedergabe. I’d like to see more paired releases that get released the same time, that complement each other well and have a certain connection with each other. It doesn’t have to be the same genre and they don’t have to sound alike – but this is a match made in heaven. Buy and stream down below.



Bigger Spotlight: Aliceffekt, L’Enfant De La Forêt, Videograve, STÜKA, Pola Tog, Fixmer McCarthy, Gerten, Pyramid Club


Being unable to listen to the whole record as of yet, aliceffekt‘s latest endeavour dabbles in rhythmic beats meets ambient atmospheric joy. Though a certain string of experimentalism shines through when the beats go haywire for a second or two into an IDM rhythm just to quickly shift into furious drum’n’bass-esque pounding. The most enjoyable moments on this record is definently riddled with IDM.

From the concrete rhythms that hit faster than you’d suspect them to, to the almost co-joined melodies that span throughout the ambient setting of each track. Though “Senni Market” is riddled with baselines that would normally make you shiver, the mysterious touch that aliceffekt adds to it make up for what would normally be a frightening experience.

It’s easy to say which one’s my favorite; “Usul Fog“; because there’s more of a coherent atmosphere in that track from beginning to end. From the resounding crispness of the rhythms to the transcendental melodies which could even make a sour puss like me smile for a change. No, kidding, I like to smile but this track gives me joyous moments which surpass the others. Stream down below, and buy.


ABRAXAS“, a masterpiece by the virtuoso behind the name L’Enfant De La Forêt. This parisian makes hauntingly good dark ambient, ambient music. From the first song “Altar” to the last one called “The Rope“, this ritualistic experience begins and ends with impressive percussionism, chanting, darkened landscapes that surge throughout and create an atmosphere anyone would envy. It can begin at the beat of a heart, just to descend into complete madness.

From pianos to monstrous industrial-like tones and beats that churn out a vastly abandoned landscape of sound. It’s everything from spooky to mystic. “IV” is probably my favorite song, because in that song he delves into IDM-like territory with his harsh beats and the rhythms create an enjoyable landscape of sound, in which I could find myself dwelling. Not to talk about the sincere melodies that are 100% of what makes the sound of this song, rough baselines that go through the roof, thoughtfully composed piano-strokes that conjure an emotional sound.

Even though nothing on the album beats that song, he holds a rather ambitious level when it comes to his music. “ABRAXAS” is nothing short of a masterpiece if I’d have to say so myself. It’s an album I would sincerely recommend everyone to go and listen to. Stream down below, and for god’s sake support the artist by buying his works.


What could be said about Videograve? They create some of the most intriguing new electronic body music that you could find out there. I find it sad that so few have supported their latest release “Ghoul” on bandcamp. So let’s hope that this spotlight gives them more justice then some people have. After premiering one of their songs on my Soundcloud, I decided to support the release myself, and that wasn’t really a mistake. I got a DVD-case with a patch, cassette and two pins – totally awesome.

This album is actually one of their more ambient endeavours, combining the likes of electronic body music with ambient to create a sullen atmosphere within their tracks. The beats themselves sound like they’re clad in swamp goo and the melodies churn out lingering swabs of total dismay. Just as you’ve had enough of the ambient music – they strike out of nowhere with Skinny Puppy-esque stabs of vocal heresy – with harsh beats laden as a palette – of different influences.

Some of the songs on this album also tear a new entry into synth-pop, but with a far more grim outreach than anything else. The industrialized sound-scapes of some of the songs are far more intriguing, as in “Hall of the Sybarites” – which is hands down my favorite song on this release. So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to receive the patch with the other goodies before they sell out, which I hope they do now. Buy, and stream down below.

This article will be continually updated…

Spotlight Sweden [I]: D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., Facit, Ntogn


Where should I even begin with D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.? I may be biased when it comes to them and their music, since we’ve collaborated on multiple occassions in regards to this blog-zine, but I have disregarded my biased opinion and delved into their album on Northern Electronics. With this album, titled “Förensligandet”, they delve deeper into experimental electronics and would rather give you a headache then make you suffer through ambient and dark ambient. The songs themselves are definently shorter, but their sounds are harsher and more beat-oriented on this release.

What have been missed in regards to their sound? A frantic rhythm perhaps? No, not really. But you can hear how they’ve accelerated the rhythmic guise in which they throw explosive beats at you. From deep below the surface in a dungeon somewhere, to all-out warfare – they know what they’re in for and their executing of it is not mediocre – it’s all good. When you’ve been dragged out and quartered, eerie melodies take you down under and then back up again for another round. Buy and stream down below.

I haven’t really ignored Facit, it’s just that they’ve fallen out of my loop. They recently released “Måndag Mon Amour” on Waving Hands Records. Though I am not particularly fond of the lyrical content or the singer, the mechanics behind this release are moving as they should. Reminding me of my guilty pleasure Tredje Mannen. It’s good that someone have decided to take on their clothes and move into a similar, yet different direction.

When it comes to synthesizers, I myself have fallen in love with my Minilogue. It seems like they’re equally in trance when it comes to their equipment – because their melodies sound honest and beautiful. Somewhere along the line it becomes ridiculous to write a serenade about one’s portmonnä (purse), which in itself is too bad because everything else surrounding them sounds gentle and true at heart.

My favorite song on this release would be “Livet Är Blott En Transport” which almost delves into the territorial dispute between regular minimal electronics and full-on industrial. Good thing you’ve kept the industrial-themed synthesizers on the down low so we can enjoy the wondrous baseline and the continuous rhythm of the drums and percussion. Buy down below, and stream.

I never knew there existed a label named Tome, with similar aesthetics as Beläten. Apparently, they dabble a lot with experimental and ambient electronica and we’re delving into “Threads” – a release by the artist Ntogn. Field recordings and ambient go hand in hand and it sounds just like you’d want it to, repetetive noise turned into atmospheric beauty. Crass sounds that would smash concrete if it only had a hammer.

Apparently, this release’s music was a part of an art installation called “Where Threads Lead”, curated at the Frantic Art Gallery in Tokyo. Well, the strings bind up the musical landscape well and drag you along for the ride. Here’s everything from the darkest imaginable, to thoughtful pieces of shimmering light. Crackling through the seams of the landscape are rhythms that continue on for an eternity. You’ll have to be patient while listening to this.

Well, I enjoy it quite much but it’s really not my style of music. If it weren’t for the aesthetics I would be out of here right now. But you’re deserving of getting placed here in my spotlight anyway. Buy and stream down below.


Watch: SPARK – Zombie

SPARK is back on the attack, roughing you up like you’ve never known them before. I think they’ve combined the emotional part of yesteryear with their new outfit – and for that matter even better drums. The hardness and immaculate lyrical content is what makes them separate from the lameness that surge within the electronic body music genre, if you don’t take into account the transgressiveness of DKA Records and the likes, of course.

Progress Productions isn’t that interesting of a label, but they’ve got their household names and you can only be impressed by their work ethic as they churn out what they believe in on a regular basis. This, however, is probably one of their better additions as of late, not to say that the other things are not of interest – but SPARK surely is something you remember.

The music-video itself is directed by Joel Nilsson of Kajak Media and it’s really a masterpiece in itself. As if the song wasn’t composed well enough, his visual rendition adds even more fuel to the fire that is SPARK. We’ve got the ignition and now we just need a little spark to get everything on the road again. I’m happy to say that they’ve become more interesting for me now as they seem to have taken the best parts of their past and added new stuff to make it even better.

Watch the video on Progress Productions’ YouTube-channel and make sure to order their record when it is released on the 27th of May.

Spotlight Special: Under Molnet


Under Molnet is one of those labels which go under the radar most of the times, but one of their releases have caught my eyes. They currently have twelve releases as of now and their latest is titled “Domarringen”, it’s a release created by offworldcolonies and released on Under Molnet now on the first of May. Even though it’s heavy on the techno, there’s room for certain experimentations below the surface of the sonic landscape, in which offworldcolonies portray a swedish, agrarian societal view through the means of his own music – at least for me.

With this release we delve into the caves of our ancestors, into their minds and beliefs, throughout their lives – into their final resting place. We delve into “dommarringen” – which essentially is a kind of burial site, put into effect as a method, during the bronze age. Much of this experimentalism reminds me of Övervarning and his complex rhythms, sonic landscapes and touches – without the obvious urban decay that he portrays with his music.

There are eigth tracks which displays different sides of his music, everything from rhythmical endeavours to pure ambient music that drives a nail into a coffin – a harsher side of the otherwise peaceful ambient genre. Everything seems to be so simple when you listen to it a couple of times, but when you’ve listened to it enough you realize that much of it is crisp, dedicative, intuitive and generally complex melodies, rhythms, arrangements, that drive the music itself forward and onwards into oblivion. Slowly it fades out and I’m happy I’ve taken the time to listen to it.

Stream it down below and buy a cassette.