Listen: Brontosaurus – Safe To Surface

Emotionally Brontosaurus lay out a fine orchestration. From sharp tingling drumming to the wide-array of instrumentation that fit together into an organic mass, with beautifully laden vocals as a tool which keeps everything in order and knits the whole song together. When the piano quickly enters the picture, the song becomes difficult to turn off because it resonates deeply within and gives the music a picturesque and more sophisticated sound. Every passage that you come through when listening to a song like this becomes instantly more gratifying, because of the musicianship shown by each musician, as it gradually goes from an intensive phase to a meditative state where every instrument linger into a slow ballad.

In the beginning, the progressive rock elements are combined with acoustic music. It creates a catchy atmosphere where everything is brought forth. The guitar resounds and roars through, moving calmly but sturdily. When listening through a song like this, every second that floats by feels like an hour. Lyrically, it is exciting to hear every word, sung with utmost reverence for the meaning of each sentence. With their voices they make progressive rock something out of the ordinary. Listen to their song “Safe To Surface” down below. The song is taken from their second LP “Our Animal Ways”.

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