[18th] December: Steel Hook Prostheses – Acantha


Ancient mythologies have inspired a lot of books, art, music, playwrights, and everything you could relate to cultural phenomenons. Steel Hook Prostheses have taken an interesting turn in 2014 with their collaboration with RU-486 and Demonologists. Influenced by Greek mythology, one of their songs “Ripped Limb From Limb In The Abyss Of River Styx,” inspired partly by Dante Alighieri‘s poem ‘Divina Comedia‘; specifically The River Styx – The Fifth Circle of hell. But more so we found what seems to be Tom Bubul‘s writing that matched their influence even more for their one song, titled: “The Three YugolothsBeing a Lower Planar fable“. In which he literally seem to give headway for at least one track. Although the artwork reminds you more of a certain dynasty, pharaoh and time in Ancient Egyptian history – than anything else.

They continue their influenced tradition with their contribution to Ljudkalendern on the 18th of December. With a track called: “Acantha” – an overseen and much-disputed character of modest significance in Greek mythology. This creature is metamorphosed by Apollo as it objects to his obtrusion, which seem to have gravely disappointed the God whom decided to transform Acantha from nymph to a plant (look up: Acanthus), belonging to the family of flowering plants called Acanthaceae – derived from Acanthus mollis (bear’s breeches/sea dock) – in Greek: ἄκανθος. So we’re delighted to let you stream this richly mythological influenced track “Acantha“, exclusively on Repartiseraren for Ljudkalendern – our non-commercial collection.