[2nd] December: TSTI – This Way (Inst. Version)


To be honest I haven’t been monitoring the rapid success of TSTI for a while. I remember when he was in the process of releasing his debut-album, but after that he’s also released a follow-up and there’s more yet to come. Sometimes you just loose track of everything when you’re knee-deep into everything. There’s so much to keep your own eyes and ears open to and there’s so much really untalented junk which floats around on the internet—some of it which is received through e-mail that you don’t even open and send to the trash-bin right away—that you get lost, for real. Even though I know that many things are left unexplored, it’s hard to keep it close and actually have the time to listen through it. I’m hoping that my article will do justice to what I’m going to present to you in the end of it. Before that I need to go through what is unique with TSTI and why he’s featured in Ljudkalendern — the unnamed project which got a name, when the final artwork had been received. It’s really simple and is kind of catchy in Swedish but not in English, as it translates to: “Sound-calendar“. Therefore I’ve decided to keep the Swedish name.


We’re already in December and time flies by like it didn’t even care for us puny humans. Not that it ever does, because it’s not reversible, but sometimes you wish time would have mercy and be slow for once—not only when you’re doing something really dull. It has more to do with our perception than it has to do with time itself, I can understand and cope with that, but I wish I could just stop and reflect for a moment—which rarely, if ever, happens. TSTI have been releasing so many great tracks since the first release for this solo-project of his, originally intended to be a bedroom synthpop project, turned into a minor mammoth that just seems to go on and on… and on. I don’t really know if he stays true to what he once wanted for it, but that doesn’t make a difference for me anyway, the only difference that have been made is that he’s evolved really much. From a rather neatly placed synth-pop package with huge ambitions—turned upside down, making it an ambitious project extremely nicely packaged both in sound and aesthetics. His artwork follows a linear curve and the only thing different is the main focus point, which feature an industrial compound (Evaluated), as opposed to the Victorian setting on his debut-album (Evaluations). It will be exciting to see what’s going to happen in 2015 and if the aesthetics will follow the red line, or go past, above, away or beyond it. Because he’s releasing something new in the beginning of next year on Desire — and I’m thrilled about it.


So when I asked him if he would be interested in participating in a non-commercial collection that I was making, he surely was and gave away an instrumental version of a track featured on his forthcoming release. It never got onto the official release itself, so I thought—why not place it on Ljudkalendern? Said and done — now we had an agreement. It is my pleasure to introduce to you an instrumental version of the track “This Way“, taken from his coming album that will be out next year—2015. It’s a step away from what I was used to hearing on his debut-album, definitely with obvious leanings to electronic body music and industrial music, but also with contrasts like including a panpipe in an industrialized setting. Harsh beats, complex rhythms and a nicely woven melody which is supported by this bizarre instrument. A thoughtful song which doesn’t become less interesting than the fully vocalized original track. Before you go and listen to it, read my poem about it. Otherwise, if you’re not into poetry — here’s for December the 2nd and a brand new premiere on Ljudkalendern!

Metal pipes and ringing sounds,
working hard in our compounds
Hammer to metal, machines for humans,
benefited for all means

This is 2nd of December and for now the story is moving straight ahead, but we’re long from close to our final destination. Tomorrow a new song will be released and the story is to be built upon and continued. Until then, enjoy another exclusive song; “This Way” (Inst. Version), on Repartiseraren.

Exklusiv Premiär: Diskoteket – Explosioner


Länge har denna grupp varit som en nål i ögat för oss, men inte på ett dåligt sätt. Sedan de började ‘på riktigt’ genom att konstruera en fenomenala självbetitlad platta år 2009 — till uppföljaren “Det Ska Se Ut Som Slutet“, tre år senare — som kändes som ett permanent avslut — så har de överraskat gång på gång. Det är inte bara det musikaliska som de tagit ut svängarna med, utan också det estetiska som med rena och enkla drag skapar illusioner vars syfte vi tolkar som tvåeggat — att vara en symbolisk gest som beskriver släppet — men även en fröjd för ögat att se. Särskilt klart blir det i och med släppet år 2012 som Irrlicht fick ge ut. Där är det ett klart och tydligt besked, om än rent symboliskt med estetiken — likt en dödsruna eller till och med notis. Rent textmässigt är det ett informativt omslag som bara delger det som är nyttigt att veta, man hade inte uppfattat att det var ett slags ‘tack-och-adjö’-brev om man bara sett till texten, undantaget albumets titel. Bara sådär ges det avsked när man trott att resan bara börjat, även om albumet var runt tre år från debutsläppets datum.


Men det är inte tid att sörja när Diskoteket har återfått sin forna glans och speglar sig i discokulan återigen. Det är nämligen så att detta band kommer att släppa ett tredje album, denna gång via Novoton — ett skivbolag som i år har släppt album med Riddarna och Dödsfest. Detta bolag har även släppt alster av Knivderby, Antennas, Pascal, med flera. Huvudsakligen verkar ett genomgående tema kretsa kring antingen post-punk, post-rock, krautrock eller liknande genrer. Givetvis finns det undantag även här, men det känns som att bandet har hittat rätt. Albumet som släpps den 10:e December heter “Jag ser över mitt liv” och känns som en ångerfylld, men relativt stabil återkomst — som om hela livet kraschat och man precis lyckats plocka upp spillrorna, för att föra dem samman. Det morbida men stilrena omslaget har skapats av Rebecka Molin. Ni kan lyssna till den första låten “Explosioner” exklusivt på Repartiseraren — med en viss stolthet, kan medges. Lyssna här nedanför.