Listen: Marignan 1515 – S/T


Never have I heard or seen a band form such picturesque landscapes of sound, with the help of a battle-scarred theme so detached from the music itself. Though it seems to be like that, Marignan 1515 use their illusive droning to mock up every little detail, making the suggestiveness even greater. From what I can find out about “Marignan”, it seems like their name is taken from the “Battle of Marignano“, where France and the Old Swiss Confederacy duked it out in the year of 1515. It was a part of the Italian Wars that spanned from 1494 to 1559, which was a series of battles during the Renaissance that were also aptly called the Habsburg-Valois Wars. There were different belligerents fighting against each other throughout those years, bu the Battle of Marignano was won by Francis the 1st and resulted in the “Eternal Peace” the year after, where they sought to resolve future battles with diplomacy and judicial resolutions – instead of on the ground, against each other – on a battlefield.


I think this first self-titled release by Marignan 1515 symbolizes both the struggle of the battle itself, but also the calmness and suggestiveness of peace-times. Will there be another war or will it be solved through other measurements? There are a lot of questions that pop up in one’s head when you listen through both sides of this release. Both tracks are almost twenty minutes long, the shortest at 17:48 in running time. Even though I like their sound, the aesthetics of it all and the historic connotations make listening to them even more enjoyable. To mixture with shoegaze, ambient and drone is perfect for this setting. I am amazed at how their sound is so calm in regards to what they portray, but I am also fighting the urge to want it to be anything else. This is music to be listened to when you need to have some time for yourself and reflect, because their outdrawn melodies and basic structure of the songs develop slowly for your listening experience. Take your time, listen to everything down below. These Frenchmen know what they’re up to.

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