Exclusive Premieres: Kaval and Niedowierzanie!


R-5883490-1405360667-8956Vrystaete is yet another endeavor by the already busy Martijn from Enfant Terrible. It is a new sub-label meant to capture folklore, psychedelic and lo-fi sounds, with emphasis on small editions that come handcrafted with packaging, artwork and everything attached to a release. The first release on this label was an album with Kaval, a Holland-based duo compromised of Ian Martin (DJ from Rotterdam) and Derk Reneman, who’s also a DJ (and producer) from the Netherlands, known by the name of Roberto Auser. The album is called “Zee Van Gedachten” and is an ominous release featuring the likes of field recordings mixed into ambient, not too far of a leap from their first album “Sky Of Mirrors“, but rather more well-thought out. A soundtrack to the new generation of folk-fearing peoples that only get their doses of that through electronic music, although much of it could be considered to be non-music – rather a palette of different thoughtful sound-scapes – all centered around the vibes that instruments and ambiance create together. When listening through it, I came to the conclusion that “Mechaniek Der Dingen” would be my tune of choice, because it brings a lot of nostalgia to me and could’ve been a track featured in Diablo 2 or any of those earlier games, those games with a darker atmosphere around them which made them more enjoyable – yet with undertones of scariness. You can listen to that track exclusively down below. If you like what you’re hearing, consider buying the vinyl from Vrystaete, over here.


R-5877459-1405412461-9551The second release on this label, whose great start with Kaval could not be mentioned enough, was with Niedowierzanie (meaning: disbelief, in polish).  He’s been around for much longer, having released his first album “Niedowierzanie” in 2008 on the label Reue Um Reue. I kid you not, the man behind this project is French and his name is Léo Maury – an experimental artist delving into the Mediterranean folk-sound. Otherwise known for his projects; Hjärna (Brain), Helaas – a four-man experimental group, and the three-man neofolk duo that is Wermut. When it comes to Léo Maury’s track record, nobody can deny that he hasn’t got the experience to pull off something this delicate. Even though a project like this sears with the passion of our Southern European brothers, there is a certain delicacy which comes into play when listening to the album, which is by the way called “Felicita” (to congratulate?). It feels like a combination of World War II french recordings, together with the romanticism that have shrouded the french for years and years to come – with the rather raw passion that is delivered amidst a barrage of traditional instruments – a call for some kind of Italian and Spanish (Catalan) folklore music. I know that I am not an expert when it comes to this, but it is what my impressions were when first listening and what they still are. Have all that and the experimentalism which lays the foundation of Léo Maury’s craft and you have the complete product. I chose the track “Bappa“, an exclusive track for you to listen to, because I feel like it embodies what my impressions were and it is like a summary of the album. If you like what you’re hearing, buy the album here.

Listen: Xiu – One Thrilling Night


As last year went into the last month, the compilation “Minimal Milan” was released on the then newly created label Minimal Trend Records. A label run by Oksana Rodinova, otherwise known as Xiu, whose contribution to this compilation was under a new alias called MarryMe2Night. Individual songs and remixes have been released, but the Estonian-born queen of minimal synth hasn’t stopped short of that. aufnahme + wiedergabe decided to test the waters again, having released her first self-titled EP back in 2012. This time our Berlinian label have put out “One Thrilling Night” – the latest release by Xiu up to date – a double-single of some sort featuring the tracks “One Thrilling Night” and “Turn Me On“. Porl King (In Death It Ends/Miserylab, etc) have mastered this release.

When listening to these songs, it feels like a recognizable Xiu stream of consciousness. Taken into another direction with the calmness; smeared with metallic percussion. Dreamy landscapes of sound pull the dirt with it, because she’s not afraid to have some dirt under her nails. The whole sound-scape in the first track is drifting between semi-consciousness and a state of dreaming, with a suggestive dark undertone and rhythm to angelic melodies that flow through. A difference between the first and the second track is that in the second – she introduce her vocals. Reverberated strings of some kind of hopelessness, together with sunken beats that wouldn’t really make you move but rather contemplate. You can stream the whole release down below.

Exclusive Premiere: Weeping Rat – Eulogy


These Australians have a weird habit of returning to my blog-zine. Weeping Rat is a mini-ensemble of Australian people whom I’ve written about before. Essentially, they’re a perfect example of what a band actually can do and how not to be a bland mess of influences. Changing themselves over time from a death-rock outfit to a more experimental industrial one. Having released stuff as far back as 2012, now beginning to shape their latest release “Eulogy“. Making a weird kind of transition when they released their two EPs “Forced Vision” and “Fractured Zones“, showcasing two different sides of what was to become a future release. Now they’re limiting themselves to a weird kind of mixture between industrial, cold wave and post-punk – experimenting between the three. Capturing a certain kind of melancholic vibe together with their unusual sounds, a clingy theme of an abrasive singer, with the inspiring percussion.

I got to put up the first single taken from this future release. This particular song is really what defines their new selves. Featuring a meditative rhythm, hiding away a cluster of percussion in what could be referenced as a rain-forest of instruments. At the same time there is a lot of things going on, but it doesn’t really hinder the atmosphere or make it clutter. Well, I put up the song a while ago and I hadn’t written about it until now. So here you are being given the first single from their forthcoming release. The song is called “Eulogy” as you might’ve already found out about. Let’s hope that you listeners enjoy it as well as much as I do.


Premiär: Maskinåldern – Avsnitt I

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 12.46.41 AM

Det är svårt att veta var man ens ska börja ibland. Tiden flyter på som om ingenting hänt och det känns som om det var flera månader sedan pilotavsnittet spelades in. Egentligen är det inte mycket som har förändrats med formatet, men det känns friare på väldigt många sätt. Nu är till och med det första avsnittet någonsin av Maskinåldern inspelat och uppladdat. Det känns surrealistiskt.

Första intervjun som är med i avsnittet är inspelat i Malmö på ett hemligt ställe, eller närmre bestämt – en replokal. Där huserar nämligen en av Malmös nyare hardcoreband Urban Savage. De har satt på pränt att lira hardcore punk blandat med oi och gammal hederlig rock’n’roll. Deras debutalbum “Let Thunder Roar” ligger runt krokarna för att släppas, och från vad jag har hört så låter det som ingenting jag lyssnat på innan. Eller jo, kanske, men i mina öron så låter det unikt.

Vi sätter oss ner i en skinnfåtölj, vid ett bord där det för en stund sedan stod en tom ölburk, någon slags föda och kartonger. Det är här intervjun börjar. Mina lämpliga intervjuoffer heter Viktor och Ruben, bägge två och resten av bandet har lirat i andra band innan och listan kan göras lång. Tyvärr var de andra två i bandet inte närvarande, så det fick gå ändå. Ämnena som vi kom in på under denna intervju var både intressanta och gav en eller annan tankeställare efter att intervjun var klar. Till podcasten så har de donerat de två osläppta låtarna “I’ve got nothing to say” och “When the day comes“, bägge är tagna från det kommande albumet. Intervjun är indelad i två olika delar, med cirka femton minuter för var del.

Utöver detta så var faktiskt Magnus Gyllenswärd den som skulle få sätta agendan för avsnittet, i alla fall när det kommer till de övergripande låtvalen. Magnus är annars känd som en del av det märkliga indie-pop-bandet Differnet, men det var inte därför jag var intresserad av att intervjua honom. I hemlighet, eller nåja, under ett annat namn – nämligen “Övervarning” – så har han redan släppt fyra album. En skiftande blandning mellan dark ambient, ambient och en allmän experimentallusta. Från det första albumet “Mellan Rummen” som släpptes i December år 2012, till hans senaste album “Förberedelser / Åtgärder” som släpptes i Mars år 2014. Till Maskinåldern så gav Magnus en osläppt live-inspelning från den 6:e December för några år sedan, under namnet Bodén-Gyllenswärd.

Det har varit en intressant resa att göra detta avsnitt. Man skulle även kunna påstå att det varit omväxlande. Från att göra en intervju öga mot öga, till att vara mer digital och Skype:a. Kontrasterna mellan artisten Magnus Gyllenswärd och hardcorebandet Urban Savage är slående och kanske en del av det som definierar just Maskinåldern.

Slå er ner och lyssna på Avsnitt 1, där Urban Savage och Övervarning bestämmer reglerna.

Avsnitt 2 ligger inte långt ifrån och kommer ut inom kort. Dessutom så görs det även reklam för en hardcorefestival som går av stapeln i Uppsala den 7:e, 8:e och 9:e November.


1. Kunskapslådan – Xerox
2. Fuse – Nitedrive
3. Urban Savage – I’ve got nothing to say (Osläppt)
4. Raketerna – Ståplatsbiljetten
5. Missbrukarna – Du E Inte Du
6. The Jack Brothers – Min Lilla Ros
7. Urban Savage – When the day comes (Osläppt)
8. Ståålfågel – Avdelning stormen
9. Paper – Strider
10. Bodén-Gyllenswärd – 6:e December – Del 2 (Osläppt)
11. Blacken – Myggor som svalor tar
12. Solar Quest – Singtree
13. Nilp – Kloeti
14. Undergång – Disconnect
15. Dom Dummaste – Död

Chondritic Spotlight: Klinikal Skum and Fejhed! [Part II]


These are the earlier releases from Chondritic Sound. Since these releases, including Sissy Spacek and Jason Lescalleet’s VHS-release, there’s a lot more coming. But since I haven’t written about Klinikal Skum and Fejhed, I am about to do that right now. What’s interesting about these two releases and specifically one of them – is that both of them are dribbling in experimental territory – whilst one is wrought upon the grounds that Puce Mary stands on, with a part of Hoax (the crusty and dark punk band). You’re right, Frederikke Hoffmaier of Puce Mary fame have teamed up with Jesse Sanes of Hoax. They’re creating a regurgitated landscape of sound which can be found within the confinements of “Persona” – the latest release on the Danish label Posh Isolation, by Frederikke. But what is equally as interesting is how these confinements are diluted with this duo. There isn’t really any borders for how horrid and claustrophobic a noise-act can be. When it comes to Klinikal Skum, his sound-scapes are long and dampen from the suggestiveness of his exploration into the human psyche. From the delusional nature of humanity and what kind of psychosis lay hidden beneath the shallow appearance of so-called “sane” human beings. These are the two bands that I will delve into in this edition of the Chondritic Spotlight, which might actually be the last one.


Ryan Oppermann. Klinikal Skum. Two different names that coincide with one another, one his real name and the other his pseudonym or alter-ego (if you prefer). Released his first album in 2005 on the label Ghost King, then aptly titled “Pulsating” – a word that can be pinned to his music now as well. Besides having started this project back then, he’s indulged into aliases as: Fabbrico Incubo, Neuntöter Der Plage, Post-Mortem Junkie, Redrot, Xombie and groups by the name of; All Bells Grounded, Aram Chaos, Black Lace Drag, Narcoleptic Ward, Rust Owl, S.P., Some Larval Dream About Smothering, Unveiling Asylums and maybe even more that I am not aware of. The similarity between these groups are his fascination of genres like power electronics, noise, industrial, ambient and whatnot. Add experimental in front of these labels and you might pinpoint where he’s been heading to. Besides that, he’s also kept busy with his own label Skeletone which have almost only released material with his different aliases as authors of it.

Now I’m here to describe his latest release under the name of Klinikal Skum. This particular release; “Negativ Psykotelepathi Surveillanz” was put out by Chondritic Sound back in May of this year and is actually some of the more disturbing blend of experimental industrial and power electronics that I have heard. It is sickening and almost unbearable to listen to and feels clinical in the way you wouldn’t want it to be. I feel like I’m visiting a morgue as a dead body and experiencing the wide-range of tools that Ryan Oppermann is going to use to dissect me. That is one of the more insane thoughts that have entered into my mind after listening through this album. What is more horrid than being exposed to this ecstatic wasteland of normal human dignity is to hear the complexity of the music he delivers – as it is actually well-thought out and that is probably the most scary part about it.  It could serve as a blueprint for how you’re supposed to enter a state of mind which we rarely, if ever, encounter in the real world. This is the kind of music that bring it upon us. I can actually offer a free download of the track “Dizeaze Blotter“, which is the track I find to be the best on this album.


Frederikke Hoffmeier + Jesse Sanes = Fejhed. In Danish, the word “fejhed” translates into “cowardice” in English. It actually translates well into the name of some of the titles, like “Sorry“, “Silence” and “Drinking Spit“, for example. But when it comes to what they conjure together, it feels like might is right and that you’re stuck in a situation with someone whose might is above what you can say or do, a situation which you try to pathetically cower out of. Everything from the freaky atmosphere that lumbers on whereas Jesse and Frederikke take turns to shower you in pure filth. Feel your own disintegration as you fade away from this horrid reality that you have been forced into. This album of theirs is self-titled and is actually the first release under this duo’s name. I’m more than eager to just turn it off before it gives me a headache or any thoughts in my head that shouldn’t really be there. When it comes to the genres they mix in together it could be some kind of minimal wave nonsense blended into the harshness of “normal” noise, but it also feels experimental in the fact that they utilize the unorthodoxy of beats, rhythms and the general sense of an atmosphere, as you travel through a horror-show. I’m not sure if I could describe it any other than just that so you will have to check it out for yourself. All I can bring to the table is a free download of the track “Sorry“, which is the one I felt had the best overall feeling to it and that I really like. You can stream it down below, and this is the end of the spotlight.

Listen: Image Of Life – Last Letters From The Leper Colony


Having only been available on self-released cassettes and vinyls, the original debut-album by Los-Angeles based nihilist-pop act Image Of Life has been put up on bandcamp in its entirety. This album features twelve tracks recorded in between 2010-2012. The A-Side was recorded in June of 2011 to October of 2012, whilst the B-Side was recorded as early as October and November of 2010. Since the cassette was limited to only 45 copies, it was hard to obtain for those interested since it sold out pretty quickly. The second edition, a vinyl-edition released in conjunction with the Pure Ground tour in Europa some months ago – was released in an edition of 90 copies, by Image Of Life himself. Since I interviewed him in 2013, when he released his “Weight Loss In Wartime / Walking In The Dark” single on Chondritic Sound, not much have been heard about him more than being featured in occasional articles. So it comes as a glad surprise that he chose to do this so you can stream the whole release digitally, before you consider buying the cassette. Since it seems like there’s a new cassette-run of 15 limited copies of this original release “Last Letters From The Leper Colony“. Stream it down below and consider buying it if you like what you hear.

Exklusiv Premiär: Agenda / Mørkt Kapittel – Split

MørktKapittel&Agenda-spilt-7-cover-front.tiff copy

Bombardemanget fortsätter när Norrmännen bjuder upp till kamp. Mørkt Kapittel känner ni förmodligen till sedan tidigare om ni läst vad jag skriver här på blogg-zinet. Jag fick äran att lägga ut hela albumsläppet för streaming när det släpptes av dem själva, 2013. “Gro Igjen” var namnet på albumet och var deras första album, då de endast släppt en EP tidigare och det var år 2010. Ett år senare så har de färdigställt sitt första split-album tillsammans med Stavanger-hårdingarna Agenda – ett norskt hardcoreband utan några pretentioner alls. Tidigare har de varit med på samlingsplattan “No Power, No Punk” med låten “Når Dommen Faller“, och de har även släppt ett album med titeln “Menneskehetens Massegrav” i Mars detta år. Det är ungefär några veckor kvar tills detta split-släpp kommer ut för att kunna köpas i butikerna. Jag har redan tagit del av de fyra låtar som finns på albumet, nämligen “Guddomelig Massemord“, “Misantrolypse Nå!” och “Religiøs Terror (Svart Framtid Cover)” med Agenda, samt låten “Bokbål” med Mørkt Kapittel. Allt från de nästan crossover-orienterade låtar som Agenda presterar med, till den ynka låt Mørkt Kapittel bidrar med – som närmast påminner om en stoner (och svartmetall)-orienterad låt, stöter på patrull i hardcoresvängen – så kan man konstatera att det är ett sjujäkla bra släpp.

MørktKapittel&Agenda-spilt-7-cover-back.tiff copy

Nu har tiden kommit för mig att lägga upp den för er att lyssna till. Istället för skämt om norrmän kan ni hålla till godo med allvarligheten inom dessa genrer, tillsammans med det mörka sväng som skjuter er båt i sank. Hela spliten kan lyssnas till på Repartiserarens soundcloud, där alla låtar kommer att ligga uppe. Detta släpp kommer att komma ut via Negative Vibe Records den 1:a Augusti, så om ni vill ha en bit av kakan så kan ni först lyssna till det i sin helhet här nedanför och sedan beställa spliten när den kommer.

Premiär: Maskinåldern – Pilotavsnittet


Vi har kommit in i maskinåldern för länge sedan. Sedan de agrariska dagarna har industrier tillkommit, och nu har vi redan välfungerande robotar. Kanske kommer vi människor att modifieras till att bli cybernetiska, kanske är det hög tid för en “terminator” – eller är det bara rent önsketänkande? För dagarna är förbi när man kunnat leva runtomkring sköna grönområden, som blir allt färre var dag som går, då allt som kan tänkas vara urbant och hippt ersätter de tråkiga grönytorna. När denna maskinålder väl är här är den svår att stoppa. Maskinåldern står och knackar på dörren, varesig du vill eller inte. Han vill komma in och förgöra det du håller kärt, då hans monotona liv inte kräver några känslor alls. Kylan flyter in och övertar sin rättmätiga position i Norden.

Välkommen till vår Maskinålder.

Detta är en podcast där jag, i egenskap av mitt skriveri på blogg-zinet Repartiseraren, förlänger min arm in i podcastvärlden – ytterligare en gång. Det har redan varit beprövat i och med min första podcast-serie “Svensk Punk och Hardcore” som startades 2012 och lades ner samma år. Ni kommer att få lyssna till samma experiment, ungefär samma upplägg, men där inriktningen är en annan. Istället för enkom stela intervjuer, så är det mer fritt och inte alls genrebaserat. Ni kommer att få bekanta er med allt från The Guilt, nu i pilot-avsnittet, till avsevärt annorlunda karaktärer, band, skivbolagsmoguler – och många andra intressanta människor.

I pilotavsnittet satte jag mig ner på Basement Café i Malmö och tog ett snack med The Guilt. Denna duo startades för cirka tre år sedan och har sedan dess släppt strölåtar och en EP betitlad “The Guilt EP“. De är nu aktuella med ett släpp på Heptown Records i höst. Detta blev en längre konversation som hamnade på, i runda slängar, en timme och trettio minuter. Inkluderar både försnack och en seriösare djupintervju med denna duo.

Utöver det fick jag tag på trummisen Kim, från bandet Hemgraven. Ett välsvetsat band med fyra medlemmar som lagt grunden för sin självskrivna historia med det första släppet “Hemgraven EP“. På så sätt har detta band en liknande uppkomst som The Guilt, och de delar även på att ha uppstått samma år och det faktum att bägge konstellationer släppt en EP först och gjort annat senare. Bland annat gjorde de sig ett namn i och med släppet av den andra samlingsplattan på Peter Out Records där en av deras låtar var med. Med en osläppt låt från deras kommande album i detta pilotavsnitt, blev resultatet en mini-intervju med Kim.

Ni kan också hålla till godo med en osläppt låt av Svart Städhjälp, en låt som kommer att återfinnas på deras kommande album men som spelas i pilotavsnittet, exklusivt.

På tundran kan ingen höra er skrika, i Maskinåldern så gnisslar er kropp likt ooljat maskineri.


1. The Guilt – Give It
2. Golden Kanine –  Scissors
3. Hooves Not Hands – Discipline Finger
4. Hemgraven – Ett annat sätt att leva (Osläppt)
5. Johan M Roos – Duett
6. Skraeckoedlan – Fågelsång
7. Krypta – Under snön nästan gabba
8. Svart Städhjälp – Mina Problem (Osläppt)
9. Goz Mongo Alliance – Frank
10. Nimam Spregleda – Body To Body

Exclusive Premiere: 77™ – She Likes To Watch You (The Horrorist RMX)


A glistening example of how you combine genres for the best result, can be found with the 77™-outfit – a Polish-Danish duo on the edge with their debut-release “Spam“. This duo started out with a live-performance back in 2009 on Christiania’s Open Air birthday party. Christiania is virtually a society within the society of Denmark, located in the borough of Christianshavn, in Copenhagen. Having played in a lot of different clubs and festivals across Scandinavia and Central Europe, it took a whopping five years for them to put out their first album. Comprised of the all too talented Aga Wilk from Poland, whose first and only release, a split with Marburg on the Polish label Oficyna Biedota in 2013it is nice to have seen her venture into this collaboration. On the other hand, Christian Gjelstrup, the Danish native, an interaction designer turned to form this duo.  Now when their album has already been released on the 9th of June, it is a pleasure to be describing what I got to hear from what they’ve put out. The music is everything from dark and shady electronic body music, to the static measurements of techno. When it comes to their own songs and not the remixes, they tend to present a stale and rather amelodic sound. Unhinged female vocals that are almost distorted beyond recognition, together with the steady rhythm of the beats. The remixes, however, lend the expertise from François-Xavier Michel (Millimetric), Andrea Pritschow & Malte Steiner (Das Kombinat) and Oliver Chesler (The Horrorist) – which the album is in dire need of when you’ve listened too much to them – a good complement to the original songs.

Some time ago I got to premiere the best remix. I found that the maniacal turn that The Horrorist gave the track “She Likes To Watch You” was just up my own alleyway. As he contributed with the nocturnal turn á la Oliver Chesler’s own formula. It was enjoyable to listen to it and it became more of an uptempo track stuck in transmission. A looming rhythm that hasn’t got the need to be moved the slightest, besides when it comes to change of melody. Wrenching in his own vision of what 77™ delivered with their original track. So I premiered this track a while ago and it was enjoyed by a lot of people, and I noticed that Oliver himself posted it around before everything was released. I’m afraid that I haven’t really had the tempo I’ve been keeping this year so far, so I’ve fallen behind on most of the stuff I’ve been doing. But here you go, the exclusive premiere of “She Likes To Watch You (The Horrorist RMX)“. You can also listen to the whole album from Mecanica down below, and you can also buy the vinyl-release here and digitally, here.

Listen: Futuroscope – Hum


Humming away into a world of their own, Futuroscope is more than just a brief hum. Their music is somewhere between krautrock and psychedelic rock. With their debut-album “Hum“, a low-keyed approach is spun into an eternity through psychedelic rock’n’roll and outdrawn but loud krautrock. The band itself is made up by Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy (Pneu, Papare), Julien Nicolaï (The Finkelnauts) and the guest-star Chacha Charasse (Boogers) – with everyone descending from France. Albeit some of their tracks might not be that much of a deal to listen to, tracks like “Moon” bring out the joyous moments that are hidden from plain earshot. To complete psychedelic ballads like “Warm Walking Day” which make you feel like you’re out of water, walking astray in the desert, with heatwaves bruising your already sweaty self. I like how the rhythm of the drum make you off-bound to the general feeling of the songs, as uncanny melodies are taking place as the main feature. Following throughout like a line in the sand is a rather ritualistic experience which takes a hold of you when you listen to it. There’s a certain weirdness attached to it. This album was released by Monofonus Press the 4th of June, on cassette. Listen to a snipper from a track from the album, down below. You can buy the physical cassette over here.