Exclusive Premiere: Yves Malone – Through His Grace’s Burned Flats / Standing On The Ruins!

field hymns

The busiest of them all seem to be the label Field Hymns from America, whom have been keen on releasing a booklet with a very special artist. This artist is Yves Malone – the creator of music for himself and to soundtracks for 1980′s independent movies – like Abysscoteque, The ECHO People and Zenith City. A common theme is the 1980′s but also the fact that every movie that he’s created his own music for, perpetuating a soundtrack of his own, are horror movies from this time period. Those kind of horror flicks that you wouldn’t know anything about unless you stumbled upon his creations, or if you were in any way involved in doing them in the 1980′s in America. Well, that might be stepping over the line a little bit, connoisseurs might have their thing and know it – but I sure as hell didn’t until I listened through his albums. These three releases are all a part of the booklet that Field Hymns are organizing to be put out for release, in honor of the already released albums which he put out himself in December of 2012. I’m here exclusively premiering two tracks from each album, but first you’ll get a description of what I think about them. Here you get FH044, FH045 and FH046. Now it’s time for FH046, which is “Zenith City“!

FH046Zenith City. Here’s where you go to cool off all that cyborg steam. The difference between Zenith City and the other albums might be miniscule at a first listen, since they have a lot in common. The difference here is that this album utilizes more of the chillwave which is residing in the genre of choice; synthwave. A calmer yet more urgent stream of different feelings are catching on. Everything from the mournfulness you feel when the synthesizers hit that sweet melody, or when you feel a sense of camaraderie when the urgency in the sound is topped up a notch. It feels like déja vu, because I’m sure that I’ve heard this somewhere before. Even though Yves Malone seem to have set the record straight before with his complexity, this is where it reaches its peak. These concentrated rhythms that softly breaks out the melody is simply flabbergasting. He’s also not afraid to show the roughness which he can channel into the sound at any given point, which is virtually unheard of in the starting and the middle parts of this album. It begins to break down into some kind of hard industrialized sound which meets the synthwave half-way. Let’s meet at the crescendo. As the beat gets harder and harder, the magnificence in the landscape of sound is noticeable – as it is crushingly apparent in the undertones of the latter part of this album – because it’s coming for you. Yves did an amazing job when it comes to the atmospheres of some of the tracks, when nothing much is happening, until you realize how you pick out the clues in the atmosphere as a whole. There’s a whole lot going on subliminally, with dampened synthesizers that glimmer for a short period of time, just to fade out into the sound-scape. Morphing into a whole different sound which takes its place and keeps the track relevant and energetic for the whole run. It’s a soundtrack that I would’ve loved to have for a film that I will not be making any time soon. But I know who to get in touch with if I want an all-round amazing electronic soundtrack to an independent film, a horror flick or a slasher. Unfortunately to say, this is the last album that I have been reviewing in short for you to read. It’s saddening to see that it has come to an end, because I was awaiting a couple of more albums, even though I knew it was a trio in a coming booklet. This is probably music I want to listen to whenever I want to relax, even though some of it give a sense of stress-induced, energetic flagellation. I feel like there’s a lot of intelligence that had to go into these projects, these albums as a whole, because even though it’s not IDM – there’s a certain kind of craftsmanship that takes a lot of intelligence to pull off. Intelligent synthwave is coming your way and it will be here soon, as a soundtrack for virtually anything sci-fi, horror or the likes of it. Stream two exclusive tracks from this release, namely “Through His Grace’s Burned Flats” and “Standing On The Ruins“. The booklet, three limited edition cassettes, will be released by Field Hymns in June.