Listen: Nostilevo #54 – Avellan Cross – TECHNOISE [MTN K7]


Men Of Bissau, Avellan Cross and Siobhan – are all a part of the April batch of cassettes from one of my favorite label(s) Nostilevo. Three cassettes whose sound-scape become alike, but differentiate in many ways. “To Heal In Paradisó” is the first effort, “TECHNOISE [MTN K7]” the second, and “Enhancer” the third. The last-mentioned release is a re-release of a 2010 cassette – the debut-album by Siobhan. Welcome the new wave of industrial from the heartland of urban Detroit, to San Fransisco heat, and the ephemeral war-zone and 1990’s-theme of “TECHNOISE [MTN K7]” – the second release by Avellan Cross. Featured in the second section of three for you to listen to [#2], is Avellan Cross. You don’t even know what you’re getting yourself into.


Avellan Cross. More known as Allegory Chapel Ltd., or under his real name Elden M. Whom has had a long-going history in industrial experimentation in the 1990s, with releases under his aforementioned name like the first titled “Gethsemane” in 1986 and the latest, a split-release with Neither/Neither World in 1999, titled “Devil’s Lullaby / Evidence Of Demonic Possession“. But with his newest alter ego Avellan Cross, he’s been featured for his first release on Chrondritic Sound in 2013, titled “Stations Of…“. Just to be released on Nostilevo with his latest addition, a cassette titled “Technoise [MTN K7]“. Which is precisely the release I’m going to write about in this section.

He’s taken his sound from a more dark-wave-oriented minimal synth mash-up with experimental hints everywhere, to a rougher and more disciplined experimental industrial sound. When introduced to his newly shaped sound, you can’t help but imagine big industrial machines churning, wheels turning and the dripping of lava-infused material on steel grounds. A rather noisy interior is overwhelmed by the harsh industrial exterior that surrounds the atmosphere of sound. An continual audial assault that comes in waves and sooner or later fades out into nothingness. Though a lot of remnants from his first release and that sound are to be heard in different tracks, the kind of malevolent minimal synth not heard anywhere else, it is noticeable that he is taking it in another direction. From a harsher sound, to an intermezzo of acidic sounds bouncing around with a static melody. A sound of suspense can be heard, a 1990s-inspired pumped up electronic body sound can be heard trying to channel itself through the cracks of his imagery, the visual and sonic imagery brought to you by harnessed sounds, minimal percussion and tweaked synthesizers. All I can hear is “Wake up!” and then everything is blurred out, a chastised beat is repeating itself and the voice of Elden M gives a lot to the sound as a whole. It is noticeable that it is themed in a certain way, a rather apocalyptic and psychotic environment is worded out through maniacal whispering, crackling synthesizers and basic rhythms. This is electronic body music for a massacre of mind, body and soul. An electronic dance-off with the drums of war resounding. Being finished off with a German vocals, in a spastic but wonderful minimal synth session. What a finish. The release itself is limited to 133 limited cassettes, whereas 33 of them have a silver label and 100 have a gray label. Buy it directly from Nostilevo, here you can do just that.

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