Spotlight: Last Night – S/T


Having been in different constellations before, Last Night is not really new in the game as such, having been in the surf-punk band The Cavaliers, taking someone from the garage punk band Fix-It, too. They released a self-titled album with The Cavaliers and the two EPs “Imhotep” and “Wild For Kicks” on Born Bad Records, Rhythm & Booze Records and Kizmiaz Records – from 2006-2011. Fix-It, on the other hand, released the two albums “Kill Kill Kill” and “Who’s The Pig” on Fix It Records and P. Thrash Records, from 2008-2011. Since then, they’ve been away for a while until these three Frenchmen (musketeers) unveil their new flag with the first self-titled Last Night EP featuring a barrage of four tracks. Which means that we’re in 2013 when this happens. The wonderfulness of this release was that it was self-released. Fast-forward the time to September, and they put out their album “Secret Tape” on Le Turc Mecanique, in the format of a cassette. A sturdy ten-tracked release marks the shape that will take them somewhere. Just now, they’ve released a digital release of their first self-titled album under the name of Last Night. Marking the release of a physical edition on vinyl to the 21st of April. Featuring both tracks from their first release, but also from their “Secret Tape” release. But, they’ve added a totally new track called “Steal Your Crown“. Making it a really interesting blend of garage rock and the best of post-punk, a screamer of an album that should’ve been listened to until the ears were bleeding, kicking it out with a punk attitude. Fortunately enough, you can do that now. Stream and listen to the whole digital release down below. The physical edition of the release will be put out by Le Turc Mecanique and Manic Depression.

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