Premiere: The Pale Faces – Heavy Mental

A psychotic introduction to what pale faces are. The Pale Faces are a trio from Leicester that symbolize the total decay of the United Kingdom. Having been featured on their first release back in 2013, as a split-release together with the band Subtitles, with their own track “Any Day Now” on Goodtime Recordings. Ten days later, in the midst of the beginning of the year, in January – they released their first full-length debut-album “Gee Baby, I’m Mighty Blue For You” on the same label. Staying faithful until then, it would take a year more for them to finish their latest addition to their hypnotizing brew of psychedelic and insane combination of garage-pop and what they call “hardcore psychedelic pop“. Their latest album “Chaos Beach” was released just about two months ago, in February this year. Which is probably their most psychedelic and crazy release up until now. Clearly a symptom of everything that is wrong about Britain today, the youth set out in balaclavas to disturb and be rowdy. I got a submission from Two Headed Snake Productions, the production company that filmed a video to one of their absolute mental songs on this album, the most insanity one could gather. I didn’t think much about it and let it be for a while, but I unearthed what they actually wanted. They produced a video for the track “Heavy Mental“, a nice spin-off to heavy metal, but also a stroboscopic disaster waiting to happen, nothing for epileptics.


It’s probably one of the rowdiest tracks I’ve heard for a while. Feeling outnumbered and that someone is out to get me, is one thing. But their complete disregard for the intention of their own music is rather criminal. After listening to it and watching the video, these loonies should be locked away. Though I must admit that something in their music, be it the crazed out psychedelic pop, or the garage-influences – serve as a post-mortem on the good days of what Britain was a long time ago. They’ve accidentally stumbled upon the historic archive and made a mayhem on it. The music-video itself is also ingenious in many ways, but also terrifying. I suggest you take a peek for yourself and you can also stream their whole album “Chaos Beach” down below if you’re in need of a little bit of calm beneath the stormy sea. Because they’re capable of that, too – believe it or not.


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