Spotlight: Seacrypt – Seekers


The Makina GirGir-run label Falco Invernale Records (F.I.R.) have been working with Seacrypt to release their album “Seekers“, a totally new album in which they explore deeper electronica and more inherently melodic sensibilities that have been hidden earlier with their release on Katabatik, titled “A Momentary Rift“. They have matured as a group and are moving to have even more warmth in their analogue synth-pop with cold wave overtones. Since their first release in 2012, which also was a great release in itself in another way, this is a militarized version that you can hear in their new release. More focus on the organic features that need to be kept alive in the landscape of sound. Everything is connectable and together it makes their sound more grandiose. With militarization, I mean that there is a certain overlapping theme of urgency in their material, a certain discipline in regards to the focus of the instrumentation, the delivered product meets the qualities they’ve looked out for, for this album. The melancholic intentions and the darkly lyrics that are spouted in a more enigmatic fashion, switching from a duo of a female and a male, to going completely solo – is mind-boggling in a great way. This changes into disco-vibes with dark beats on the B-side, showing how versatile this group really can be – if they want to. You can listen to snippets from the whole album, which has already (or is being) released on a 12¨ vinyl by this label. It’s the seventh release, a darling of mine already. You must listen to it.

Listen: Physique Sedition – Epidemic


They came from the South of Sweden, namely from Veberöd, Lund. Physique Sedition is the name of a group of friends whom were active in a smaller scene from 1991-1992, where they did different live-performances in front of audiences in their local community. Their one and only mini-album was released in 1993, under the name of “Epidemic“. Since December 1992 they’d been recording the material that was featured on this mini-album. During this period of time, the original line-up was as most active, as the group consisted of Andreas Lundberg, Lars-Erik Pettersson and Martin Andersson. The most interesting thing is that they were all still in high-school when they recorded these tracks. When Andersson left the group, the other members Lundberg and Pettersson continued with their struggle as Physique Sedition some more years, before they gave up on the project. Later on, in 2002, they reformed under the name of Radical Tea Party – together with Sebastian Fannon. Every gig they had done during their period when they were the most active, was always in the little town of Södra Sandby, just outside Lund. Since this project hits close to home geographically, but also musically, their four-tracked mini-album represents a whole lot more. The perfect combination of EBM and harsher elements of industrial, also indulging in electro-industrial mayhem together with an atmosphere that gives and takes from darkwave. All four tracks were recorded onto a Tascam 4-track portabel cassette recorder, using equipment like Ensoniq Mirage, Yamaha RY-30, BOSS SE-30, Korg Poly-300, Yamaha FB-01, Yamaha TX16W and Roland TR-707. Even though the sound isn’t that great, you should still listen to this magnificent release. Originally released on cassette in 1993. Stream it down below.

Stream: Svensk Punk och Hardcore (Swedish Punk and Hardcore) podcast!


I’ve collected the fragments of the different episodes that I created during Summer for my first podcast ever. It was to be called “Svensk Punk and Hardcore” i.e. “Swedish Punk and Hardcore“. Focusing on the Swedish scene of punk and hardcore, inviting a lot of bands to be interviewed, creating a little buzz on your screen but nothing more. Since the episodes have been strewn all over the internet, I decided to collect them all under my umbrella that is Soundcloud. Everything from the first episode (0) to the last (5) is being featured in a playlist. The only episode that isn’t up yet is the one that is almost eight hours long. So I need to splice that one up in two parts before it’s going up. The rest you can listen to if you’d want to. Right now there are almost thirteen hours of every punk and hardcore song imaginable, at least from the Swedish scene over the years. Listen to them all if you wish. Unfortunately the interviews are only in Swedish. Enjoy.