Spotlight: CromwellC – 13th Dawn


From the Russian winter we’ve gathered a darkened ambient gem, that was just released past midnight. A combination of the darkly atmosphere that can be found in dark ambient, entwined together with the strong sound of martial industrial. Combine that with eerie violins, a sense of urgency and a sense of peacefulness between the lines. Steady rhythms and bombastic drums sound a call for war, or might it be a call for a remembrance of history as such. Some of the tracks are well-thought out, whilst other seem to be out of place in some sense. Might is right with “13th Dawn” by CromwellC. Neo-classical themes can be heard on the overtones for some of the tracks, as the slowly-paced and rather harmonic classicism spread out its wings. The seriousness of slowed down samplings of a rather unknown origin is paired together throughout. This project also originates from Germany. Harkening to cheering crowds, intellectual quotes from German philosophers, men of honor – and others. The project bears resemblance to what they look up to, according to themselves; Arditi and Toroidh. Even though one couldn’t give much for some of the instruments that resound, since they sound rather digital, you should at least check out the project. It can be downloaded for free from Inhermanland Files, which is the label that it was released on. CromwellC still have a long way to go, but the project itself sounds interesting. So take heed and download it to hear for yourselves.

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