Spotlight: Abyss Zero – Stay EP


A veteran just appeared out of the blue. Apparently, the voice of Abyss Zero is none other than the man behind projects like Seppuku Syndrome and Metalny Kolaps. Solo-projects that we didn’t have a clue even existed, but he’s been making music since the beginning of 2009 – at least. Electronic music in different shapes and forms. With Seppuku Syndrome, he made experimental industrial with dark ambient overtones, and with Metalny Kolaps he went in the same direction – but without the experimentalism. Now he’s re-imagined himself under the guise of Abyss Zero. Making a turn into some weird combination of darkwave, electro and grave-wave – with different influences – ranging from industrial to new-breed electronica. His second release is “Stay EP“, a four-tracked diversion from the darkness into wonderland. But there’s something utterly darkening lurking in the atmosphere, as you’d take it lightly when going into the first seconds of the track, but then it changes into a weird rhythm with the complete opposite. It’s something with the sound-scape of his tracks that make them stand out from the rest of the electronica out there. The melodic content is mixed with an ambivalent atmosphere that is ever-changing, probably something that was caught onto by his dark ambient roots.

The tracks themselves were recorded from January this year to March. Everything on this release was mastered by Abyss Zero himself. The design of the artwork for the EP was thought out by him, but executed by Axel Rouvin. This rather weird compound of genres get stitched upon a totally unmelodious, but at the same time melodic, landscape of sound. It is filled to the brink with contradictions and there are certain distinctions in the tracks at hand that are rather indistinguishable, but can be kept up with whilst trying to process the rest of the sound as such. A wonderful paradox that simply never stops. An hourglass that is running out of time and sand, at the hand of a rather ingenious Croatian. You can stream the whole release down below and generously enough, you can download the release free of charge.

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