Listen: The Hammer – Demo 2014


I’ve been covering some great hardcore the recent years, but there’s been both great hardcore coming out recently and not so great hardcore, but nothing quite like this. At least not when you’re at your demo-stage. The Hammer is a hardcore-band from Gothenburg that released their first demo today, titled “Demo 2014“. We have no idea about the origins of this band or who is behind it, but it sounds very great even though it’s their first demo. That much can’t be said about a lot of bands. It sounds like a crossover in between hardcore, punk and metal, but it’s mainly hardcore and punk. Gothenburg seems to be a stronghold when it comes to certain mind-altering, in a good way, sounds from that particular sphere of genres. What makes it even more interesting is that this crossover blend makes it sound a lot like fastcore and powerviolence, with the fast rhythm, the fast riffs and everything that makes those genres great. The vocalist in particular is absolutely stunning, when you hear his rage and anger between the lines that are riddled with fast-paced hardcore almost all the way. This is certainly one of those demos that you should pay more attention to. You can download this three-tracked release free from their Bandcamp. But I think you should support them with some money if you like what you’re hearing. It was recorded at Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan, mastered by Fred Hunger. We’re certainly looking forward to future releases by this band.

Spotlight: Luke Lund – Lost And Found


In between the clutches of bass music, experimentalism soars as the finnish Luke Lund gears up to deliver an interesting blend of what you’ve just heard – and some kind of dub with industrial influences. Even though the hip-hop samples doesn’t enhance the atmosphere of the tracks, these different genres in a crossover do precisely that. If that influence had been held out of this release, then it would’ve been so much better. Anyhow, he’s just released the album “Lost And Found” on his label Terranean Recordings which he runs together with the polish Bartosz Szturgiewicz. This particular release contain older tracks that have been re-worked during the month of March, to be compiled into a compilation-styled album. He calls the tracks the following: “…long forgotten untitled sketches“. Here the tracks range from roughly four minutes up to thirteen as the longest. When it comes to the longer tracks, they’re more drone and shoegaze in regards to the general atmosphere, whilst some of them deliver a hard-knock bass music-oriented sound with rough industrial textures. The shortest tracks seem to be noisier, but there are even tracks that come into dark ambient territory. So with that said, there are a wide-range of influences that are distinguished by their application in each track. Some are harsher, others are lighter, some are more gloomy, and some deliver a weird combination of genres that affect both rhythm and melody. The tracks themselves are being mixed live with FX and other instruments, and each day there’s another track that gets put up. So every characteristic of the track depend on what kind of mood he’s in that day.


The album itself is compromised of fifteen tracks. If this album sounds interesting, you should check out the other albums that he’s released since 2012. Everything from his first album “Colony“, to the one before this, titled “Forlorn“. He’s also been releasing singles and EPs, starting with his first double-single titled “Breed“, to his latest which is titled “Question / Images“. It is surely noticeable that Luke Lund, whose whole name is Lukas Alexander Lundén, is a multi-instrumentalist. But what’s even more interesting is that he’s self-taught. He remixes, produces and does everything himself. He’s based out of Turku, Finland. Since the label itself is a non-profit digital label, all releases are freely downloadable. But if you like what you are hearing, you should donate a little bit of cash. Stream the whole release “Lost And Found” down below.

Premiere: Orchidée Noire – Abscisses et Désordonnées


Being francophiles and all, there aren’t that much french music being featured here. Not because there isn’t any french music to be put up here, but because we don’t have much contact with french musicians that write lyrical content that is french – staying true to their language. A month or so ago we featured Orchidée Noire, a promising solo-project that Xavier Soquet stands by. Featuring the romantic notion of France in a bouquet of different synthesizer sounds and also a hint of non-electronic music in the shape of sharp riffs that delve into the background of the music. The french language is really the language of romance, but also it sometimes also brings a sorrowful posture, wherein Xavier and the melodic content of his often complex rhythms are laid to support his vocals. This time he’s released a music-video for his latest track “Abcisses et Désordonnées“, a rather energetic synth-pop meets minimal synth kind of track. Laying bricks to build upon his earlier track “Défense de se noyer“, which we also covered. It feels like he’s moving in the right direction with his rather innocent, but at the same time realistic music that gather a little bit of influence from cold wave. A chilling look into the magnificence of minimal synth when combined with other genres.

We’re also going to post the lyrical content of this song, so that you can make sense of it all. I believe that some of it is lost in translation, also figuratively speaking, since a lot of things loose their inherent meaning when you translate them. A rough translation of the name of the track gives us a clue that “désordonnées” means “disordered“, or “disorder“. But that’s also when we loose control of trying to figure out anything else about what the track actually means, in regards to the title. So for those of you that are interested, we’re going to post the lyrical content of this track down below and you’ll have to make up your own mind in regards to how you’re going to translate it. We’re just happy that it means something and that it adds a rather mystic feeling to the track, with us not knowing what it actually means lyrically. You can watch the video up above and you can stream the track down below. Down below you can also read the lyrical content of the track. The track was recorded in March and put out by the 5th of March.

Laisse l’échangeur des voies découper tes formes linéaires,
Admire les pensées en bouquets qui fleurissent le long de ta chair,
Reflets nuit et cervelle étoilée, l’incompressible légèreté flirte avec le rail,
Entre Abscisses et Désordonnées, entre Abscisses et Désordonnées,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Et trouvons la distance,
Troublons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Ils te raconteront l’histoire de ceux qui n’ont su partir,
Ecoutant leur récit observe bien leur visage pâlir, leur regard s’enfuir,

Tu y rencontrera l’homme guettant son premier amour,
Sa femme à ses cotés, le cœur battant tel un tambour,
La première impression ressemble à une perte de repère,
Mais tout n’est qu’illusion, questionne donc ton imaginaire,

Quel est ton nom ?
Quel est ton nom ?
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée,

Perdons ton ombre,
Perdons ton ombre,
Trouvons la distance,
Trouvons la distance entre l’Abscisse et l’Ordonnée.

Spotlight: Abyss Zero – Stay EP


A veteran just appeared out of the blue. Apparently, the voice of Abyss Zero is none other than the man behind projects like Seppuku Syndrome and Metalny Kolaps. Solo-projects that we didn’t have a clue even existed, but he’s been making music since the beginning of 2009 – at least. Electronic music in different shapes and forms. With Seppuku Syndrome, he made experimental industrial with dark ambient overtones, and with Metalny Kolaps he went in the same direction – but without the experimentalism. Now he’s re-imagined himself under the guise of Abyss Zero. Making a turn into some weird combination of darkwave, electro and grave-wave – with different influences – ranging from industrial to new-breed electronica. His second release is “Stay EP“, a four-tracked diversion from the darkness into wonderland. But there’s something utterly darkening lurking in the atmosphere, as you’d take it lightly when going into the first seconds of the track, but then it changes into a weird rhythm with the complete opposite. It’s something with the sound-scape of his tracks that make them stand out from the rest of the electronica out there. The melodic content is mixed with an ambivalent atmosphere that is ever-changing, probably something that was caught onto by his dark ambient roots.

The tracks themselves were recorded from January this year to March. Everything on this release was mastered by Abyss Zero himself. The design of the artwork for the EP was thought out by him, but executed by Axel Rouvin. This rather weird compound of genres get stitched upon a totally unmelodious, but at the same time melodic, landscape of sound. It is filled to the brink with contradictions and there are certain distinctions in the tracks at hand that are rather indistinguishable, but can be kept up with whilst trying to process the rest of the sound as such. A wonderful paradox that simply never stops. An hourglass that is running out of time and sand, at the hand of a rather ingenious Croatian. You can stream the whole release down below and generously enough, you can download the release free of charge.