Listen: Luminance – Icons & Dead Fears


The soulful and devotional second album “Icons & Dead Fears” was just released almost a week ago on Wool-E Tapes. Combining the atmosphere of ethereal ambient, with an overwhelming minimal synth presence, Luminance deliver what could be considered a mindful piece of electronic calm. The material on this release was recorded in between 2013 and 2014 in Brussels. There’s also a noticeable wavelength of dark-wave, together with some serious vocalization by David-Alexandre Parquier, the man behind this release. Hear the rhythm that will make you move, a rhythm that’ll make you out of breath from just moving around to this six-tracked album. Nocturnal melodies bounce back onto a more melodious and lighter note, as the whole structure of the pieces that he deliver will move further into electro territory. It’s something you must listen to if you’re even remotely into minimal synth. There are a lot of interesting complexities that overlap each other. Due to unforeseen circumstances, “Icons & Dead Fears” came out before the real debut-album by Luminance. The “real” debut was released by an American label called Young Cubs, and was titled “The Light Is Ours“.


The Belgian label Wool-E Tapes showcase the variety that still comes out of Belgium. Having been created on Cassette Store Day in 2013, they’ve moved on from that and continue to put out releases. So this release is their latest release, and it is featured as both a digital release but it’s also out on cassette. The limited edition cassette comes in one-hundred copies and can be bought for seven euros. For those of you that appreciate skilfully done minimal synth with other influences involved, I’d say that this release is a must-have in your archives. You can listen to the whole release and stream it in full down below, so you can get a real taste of what’s being talked about. So do just that and have an enjoyable moment. Buy the cassette if you want the real deal. Both the debut-album “The Light Is Ours” and the second album “Icons & Dead Fears” can be streamed down below. So take your chance.