Exclusive Premiere: Deadwood – Traditorem

DEADWOOD Sheolic - Hi res album cover

Deadwood. It’s not the popular series depicting the 1800s America, primarily North Dakota. Al Swearengen haven’t started a solo-project. This is the sole project of a fellow Swede named Daniel Jansson, an under-the-radar mixture of black industrial, power electronics and dark ambient. Originally, the project had the name Deadwood Murder and started out as a split between him and Blodulv, a swedish black metal project, in which he’s been involved, originally. This split was titled “The Havoc We Seek“, and was released by Forgotten Wisdom Productions back in 2004. A year after that, the project evolved into Deadwood and he got his first full-length album released on Cold Spring Records titled “8 19“. Now we’re in 2005. Since then, Daniel Jansson have been putting out releases under the name of Deadwood about every third year or so, with the exception of the time-span between 2010 and 2012. After three years the album “Ramblack” was released, which was back in 2008. Two years later he had an off-shoot of the same album but instead on cassette, on Night Bird Records. Then he had a hiatus in between 2010 and 2014. Now in 2014 he came back in February with the album “Sheolic“, an album that was recorded between 2009-2011, roughly during the time when he made an off-shoot to another record-label to release his third album on cassette – other than that – he’s remained loyal to Cold Spring. At least when it comes to full-length albums. So we’re intrigued to be giving you something special.


He’s constantly been paving the way to yet another downfall, focusing on the downfall of men. This is music for those whom want to endure that downfall. It’s a bleak introduction to our own human self, to what makes humans primitive, and what makes us destructive. This takes Swedish black industrial and such a step further, as the different flavors of industrial converge into a rather satisfactory dark ambient atmosphere. Finishing what he set out to build. The trilogy of “8 19“, “Ramblack” and “Sheolic” are completed – as “Sheolic” was put out. Putting a lid on the ambition to move further. Probably a finishing move with a deathly touch. We’re proud to be bringing you an unheard track, at least if you do not own the CD, from this release – titled “Traditorem“. We hope you’ll enjoy the absolutely devastating, but rather sublime atmosphere and the chain-linked vocals that move forward the rhythm. A rather decaying rhythm that will make you question your own morale. At least so long as you are listening. Stream the whole track down below, exclusively from Invisible Guy. Let’s hope that you can endure. The covert art was done by Laetitia Mantis.