Promo: Wappenbund – A Way to the Empire of Light


Since long unavailable editions of “Heimatflamme” and “Schlacht“, have been made available through Sven Mann‘s bandcamp for one of his many projects; Wappenbund. Currently known for projects such as Auswalht, earlier known for his neo-classical manifestation Liyr. A year ago, “Pagan Theory” was released under his alter-ego Auswalht. Since then, not much has happened when it comes to his different alter-egos, and in regards to his music-making as far as what is known by us. But now, the re-edition from a combination of those albums listed in the beginning, have been named under the collective guise of “A Way to the Empire of Light“. This rather new limited edition CD was released on Old Europa Café. Making it available for those of you whom never chose to buy the CDr-versions of these releases. This release was put out in 2013, but hasn’t been made available as a whole digital stream until a couple of days ago. This is probably one of the better projects when it comes to martial-industrial as such. The physical edition CD can be bought from Old Europa Café by following this link. Stream away and enjoy.

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