World Premiere: Believer/Law – Ashes


The former duo Believer/Law has since their epiphany been an interesting act since way back in 2012, when Erik Proft and Michael Berdan got their first two tracks released on Cae-Sur-A. Since then, a lot has happened. The enigmatic duo changed from two to four, included a half of Pure Ground, namely; Greh Holger, but also Sean Ragon of Cult Of Youth. So that they could muster an even larger force, making themselves something to be recognized, for real. “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” were the tracks that spawned an entirely new following amidst the originally rather mysterious, at least at a first glance, group. This rather unique (in a sense) concoction of the harshest elements, but most concentrated EBM available, shot through the roof together with the uncanny combination with industrial. A post-apocalyptic vision channeled through viciously distorted vocals, following the pattern of a rather sublime atmosphere, and an obvious assault of heavy beats – all in differentiating rhythms.  They garnered a lot of attention from Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork – and many other sources which handle alternative music. Whilst these tracks set the premise for what would be a greater task at hand, “War Story” was the track that blew them through the roof. A track that was later on streamed on Pitchfork, taken from the forthcoming four-tracked release “Matters Of Life And Death“, which was supposed to be released the same year on Chondritic Sound. Unfortunately, things got in the way, and it never saw a day of light in 2013. Having released two cassettes in 2012, it was probably time for them to do something bigger.

Now, in 2014, their forthcoming release is just around the corner. “Matters Of Life And Death” is in the spotlight once again, as it is being put out on Chondritic Sound on the 4th of March. This release includes the rather popular track (by now) “War Story“, as the second track of four. Together with “Ashes” as the first, “The Task At Hand” from the 2012-release “Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand” as the third, and finally “Contrition” as the last track and fourth one – taken from the release with the same name: “Contrition“, which was put out by the label Robert & Leopold the same year. As people have been waiting a long time for something new from Believer/Law, Invisible Guy can present to you – the world premiere – of the track “Ashes” from this release. Since it’s around the corner, you’re getting the whole track to stream, so you don’t have to wait until it is released. This is a completely new track that you haven’t heard yet, and should listen to. Imagine yourself swept away by the hypnotizing waves of the synthesizers rather mellow but sublime melodies, when paradise is lost in between this and the industrially-driven machine that tear up your eardrums. Unearth the true character of their sound, as you slowly descend into oblivion. This track feels like a representation of what they’re all about. Stream it down below and look out for the release on the 4th of March of “Matters Of Life And Death“. Support your local dealer Chondritic Sound.


Label: Chondritic Sound

Artist: Believer/Law

Tracks: Ashes – War Story – The Task At Hand – Contrition

Exclusive Track: Ashes

Title: Matters Of Life And Death

Format: 12¨ Vinyl

When: 4th March

Exclusive Teasers: Steel Hook Prostheses – Rodent Ulcer (CDr)


Since their amazing epic of 2013; “The Empirics Guild“, Steel Hook Prostheses are coming back, stronger then ever. Symptomatic for their high-quality dark ambient, power electronics and noise. Their forthcoming release will be put out by 412Recordings. The “SHP”-logo and the prosthetic arm underneath it was designed by Cody Drasser, the man who might mainly be recognized for his contributions for the eminent web-zine Heathen Harvest.

The steel hook is clinging back to the harshly laden corrosive atmospheres, as their maniacal devotion reaches its peak. These acolytes of the sullen have made a sacrifice, once again. Offering up their slowly developing enigmatic sound, into both the long and outdrawn peripheral of every emoticon that is a shade less positive, and a tad more negative – yet ultimately blown out of proportions to serve as a cringing reminder of them being astray for a while. Metallic, incandescent, a totality of their channeled selves. One thing must be said, and that is their total passive-aggressiveness gets overloaded into the domains of a rough-cut diamond, that will serve as a static assault. The sublimity is here in abundance.


Those who serve Steel Hook Prostheses are going to get their full dosage rightfully so, before the release is out on the market. Digitally, we’ll force-feed you with everything you need to get your latest fix. They’re a lot more complex then a drug, and they’re for those whose heart is as molten; as their pieces of sonic decadence is. Those who should be stricken with fear is those whom are faint of heart. Now, in 2014, they will gain their rightful place once again. With the release “Rodent Ulcer“, which will hit you indiscriminately through their terrorizing landscape of sound, is due to be released in April. In the format of an extremely limited run of 100 CDr copies. Half of these copies will reside in the UK with 412Recordings for European listeners to buy, and the other half will be made available from Steel Hook Prostheses’ two members John Stillings and Lerry Kerr for the American audience, on Bandcamp in due time.


With one of the longer tracks they’ve created, namely the title-track of this release “Rodent Ulcer“, they grind your senses down into pitch-black blindness. Severing the normal routine of your autonomous system, making your irregular heartbeats bounce into near-death experiences. What’s more interesting is the sheer power of the atmospheres that are cast into this 16-minute maddening piece of music. Every step of the way is carefully monitored by yours truly, John Stillings and Larry Kerr. Piercing vocals, clandestine tools of their use produce waves of decrepit folds to lure you into. Insanity is a mild word to use for this absolute force that is plucking away at you. Claustrophobia steeped into both a miniscule sound-scape, but also a grandiose one. It’s strangely attracting, in a seductive way. Hypnotizing you. The other is a track called “Lice“, which is almost bordering to the territory of noise, as the static sound alters into rhythms of two, one which displays an outdrawn characteristic, the other tearing apart the first. A menacingly introduction to sonic decay. Both tracks can be streamed exclusively from Invisible Guy down below, before release. Press play.