Listen: Various Artists – Mythical Tapes Volume I / Volume II!


There are many compilations out there to begin with, but it’s hard to search out and find those that are worthwhile. Today, I actually found out that a pretty unknown label called Mythical Tapes, just released their second volume of their compilation “Various Artists – Mythical Tapes“. In September last year, they released Volume I, which featured: To Feed A Neon Forest, Konstantin E, Lola Kumtus, Top Jugend 90, Zex Model, Winged Pegasus and CONTRA GANG – basically groups and artist I had no idea even existed. Ranging from distraught minimal synth, funky post-punk, miniscule EBM – to energic synthwave, experimental electronica and ambient-infused 80’s-inspired tough synth-pop. Well, the same thing can be said in regards with Volume II of this compilation. One good thing about it is that they’ve expanded into including fourteen artists and groups on this Volume, extending beyond the scarce count of seven – which was the number of artists and groups featured on the first Volume. Scroll down if you want to read about Volume II.


What’s new when it comes to this Volume? Besides what has been described above, this time they have a lot more minimalistic noise, the rather harsh noise-infused minimalism of a band that I’m familiar with, namely Knifedoutofexistence. Other acts that are new are Art Zero, Boars, KALAT, Cyborgs On Crack, Sleep-Easy and Nigel Samways. Which means that To Feed A Neon Forest, Lola Kumtus, Top Jugend 90, Zex Model and Winged Pegasus have returned for this volume. If you’re interested in the more psychedelic, more harsh, electronica – then this compilation is something you should check out. Space out to some mindbogglingly atmospheric electronica, spazz out to the psychedelia-induced electro, take it easy with some frantic but at the same time calm, ambient. They’re also hinting that this won’t be the last you’ve heard of them, as EPs and Albums will be coming forth in the near future. But in the meantime, check this wicked compilation out. You can stream both Volume I and Volume II down below. The latter will be available to be bought as a physical cassette very soon. Buy the limited edition for Volume I, over here.


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