Exclusive Premiere: Sololust – A Fire Inside


A new year is opening up itself for us. There are many things that are happening. Some things have been staying hidden in the shadows, only to be released – a few days ago. Enfant Terrible, however, have been with us for a while now and continue to be. We like to support the work behind both Gooiland Elektro and Enfant Terrible, since it’s such a magnificent sub-label and label. Five days ago, two tracks from forthcoming releases on Enfant Terrible were released. Those were “Liste Préférentielle” by Family Jewels, and “Ladies” by Europ Europ. One release is the celebratory compilation “Various Artists – I Am Enfant Terrible“, which celebrates ten years of this label. The other one is “Repeating Mistakes LP” by Europ Europ – a subtle blend of lo-fi and industrial weirdness. For this exclusive premiere, we give to you a track from the compilation to begin with. The track “A Fire Inside” by Sololust is a completely unique track only featured (thus far) on the compilation. Sololust have released an EP in 2010 titled “The Spark“, to be continued with a limited 7¨ titled “Total Loss” – when he joined the ranks of Enfant Terrible. His latest release was in 2013, which was titled “Untitled“. Peter Baarends is the man whose alter-ego will be on display for the first time here on Invisible Guy, ever. Stream the track “A Fire Inside” exclusively on Invisible Guy, in honor of Enfant Terrible and the perfect track-record for this celebratory release. Celebrate it with moody synthesizers, dampened dark-wave with hints of ethereal and synth-pop. Delve into a whole new paradigm. Start your year off with this exemplary song. This particular release is expected to be out by the mid of February.