Recension: Johan G. Winther – Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail


Johan G. Winther är både en konstnär men även en musiker. Med andra ord så har han ett par välsvarvade talanger som han väldigt ofta tar i bruk. Under alteregon som Tsukimono, grupper så som Blessings, Heathers/Hollows och Scraps Of Tape – så är han både en välkänd figur, men även okänd. Men det är inte det som denna recension kommer att handla om, då Johan. G Winther använt sig av sitt namn på senare tid och både släppt via Zeon Light Kassett, och nu till sist även Beläten. Det är det senaste släppet “Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail“, som vi kommer att titta närmare på. Egentligen så släpptes det för nästan en månad sedan, men vi har inte direkt kommit till skott. Nu gör vi det. Släppet består av de två låtarna “Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail” samt “Will To Burn“.

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Exclusive Premiere: Horders – Textures


After a really early preview of “Aghartha” by The Way To Light, there’s yet another premiere brought upon you from the same split. Die Song is releasing a split between The Way To Light and Horders, which will be out soon enough. Since the storm Sven have been brewing up here in Sweden, what would be better then to get in front of your cozy fireplace and sit in your favorite sofa? What would be better, in addition to that – is another premiere. Horders lay out their atmospheric, yet immensely distorted way from semi-acoustic noise to black metal fineness. Imagine that, but in a much slower pace then your regular black metal with blast-beats. One could even say that it’s closer to black noise, a darker form of noise. This release will come in a unique shape (as always with Die Song), and extremely limited. You will get to hear the song “Textures” before release, and I hope you can live yourself into the world that they’re painting up. Because it will not get much more truer then this. Listen to and stream the song exclusively down below, only on Invisible Guy.

Florent Pevee from Kabul Golf Club has passed away!


I’m saddened to hear that Florent Pevee of the noise-rock band Kabul Golf Club just passed away on Friday, the 29th of November. This band was probably one of the more interesting additions to the blog this year, so far. When you hear about something like this, you simply can’t imagine the pain one has to go through when they loose one of their closest friends. I can’t imagine how that would feel and I’m sending my condolences to the band themselves for their loss. Therefore I want to honor their request and put up their video as they stated, they’re also going to send free copies of their album “Le Bal Du Rat Mort” to anyone who sends their postal address to their mail. Because this is what they wanted for him, to keep it alive, even though Kabul Golf Club as a band, dismantled on the 29th of November. I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope that this honors him and the music he participated in making. Rest in peace, Florent Pevee.

They wanted to convey the following message to everyone, as they want to keep his memory alive through his music: “Anybody who wants to receive a FREE copy of “le bal du rat mort” has to send his postal address to: