Listen: Pouppée Fabrikk – H8 U EP


Time to get hit hard once again, because our Scandinavian masters of EKM are back again. Bringing you a sledgehammer of primitive electronic body music, channeled with the fury of Henrik Björkk through his heavily distorted vocals. Yet again they release a single, this time in the form of a remix-EP, with the main attraction “H8 U” – being pounded into you by force. Concocting a mix of old-school EBM, to pre-2000 body music, together with a final assault of a more melodic kind – with post-2000, modern “dancefloor” electronic body music. Pouppée Fabrikk selected Blush Response, Kant Kino and [aesthetische] to remix (and mix) their single. It’s not as impressive as “Bring Back The Ways Of Old EP“, but it still deserves a spot on Invisible Guy. For those of you that are keen on keeping stuff as old-school, or as anhalt as possible – sorry, but this EP is clearly not for you, with the exception of Kant Kino’s remix. However, this single of theirs deserves recognition for the fact that Pouppée Fabrikk are trying to keep it that way – with the heavy emphasis on where they actually came from. If you’re into the whole modern electronica she-bang, and EBM at that – you will most certainly have a blast. Well, we’re going to have to wait for the whole ordeal to come out instead, before we’re getting up and above what has just been heard. If we’re lucky, it might actually come close to the level that “The Dirt” managed to reach – even though it mostly contained old and re-mastered tracks. The anticipation lies in waiting for something new from this fiendish group. Listen to and stream the single-EP down below. You can order the digital-only version from Alfa Matrix, while you await the real deal.

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