Listen: Pouppée Fabrikk – H8 U EP


Time to get hit hard once again, because our Scandinavian masters of EKM are back again. Bringing you a sledgehammer of primitive electronic body music, channeled with the fury of Henrik Björkk through his heavily distorted vocals. Yet again they release a single, this time in the form of a remix-EP, with the main attraction “H8 U” – being pounded into you by force. Concocting a mix of old-school EBM, to pre-2000 body music, together with a final assault of a more melodic kind – with post-2000, modern “dancefloor” electronic body music. Pouppée Fabrikk selected Blush Response, Kant Kino and [aesthetische] to remix (and mix) their single. It’s not as impressive as “Bring Back The Ways Of Old EP“, but it still deserves a spot on Invisible Guy. For those of you that are keen on keeping stuff as old-school, or as anhalt as possible – sorry, but this EP is clearly not for you, with the exception of Kant Kino’s remix. However, this single of theirs deserves recognition for the fact that Pouppée Fabrikk are trying to keep it that way – with the heavy emphasis on where they actually came from. If you’re into the whole modern electronica she-bang, and EBM at that – you will most certainly have a blast. Well, we’re going to have to wait for the whole ordeal to come out instead, before we’re getting up and above what has just been heard. If we’re lucky, it might actually come close to the level that “The Dirt” managed to reach – even though it mostly contained old and re-mastered tracks. The anticipation lies in waiting for something new from this fiendish group. Listen to and stream the single-EP down below. You can order the digital-only version from Alfa Matrix, while you await the real deal.

Spotlight: German Army – Last Language


It must be said that I am not that familiar with the work that German Army has put behind them, but I’m certainly familiar with the general mood of his music. Since I was sent the latest album “Last Language“, I must oblige to at least talk about it. This album is a veritable orgy with harsh reverberated noise, mixed with ethnic vibes and an utterly schizophrenic atmosphere. A lot of the tracks rely on sending a claustrophobic message, conveyed through colorless lenses, as another banging drum bites the dust. Swirling cataclysmic environments collide, in a matter of seconds, as buzzing industrialized tools give you a blood-curling experience. Whilst other tracks rely on heavy reverberation, to give another kind of characteristic to each individual track – as it is used differently every time. It feels like the tracks alternate into each characteristic, giving a general feeling of how the songs are divided up. When you listen closely, you can tell them apart through a 50/50-principle. Meaning; after one track, there’s another with the aforementioned characteristics, which change rapidly from the first-mentioned claustrophobia, urban decay, colorlessness – to the less harsh and less industrialized landscape of reverberated sound. The industrialized tracks sometime border to harsh noise, without being an embodiment of it at all – at least not to the fullest extent. Acting as a barrier between the general experimentalism of noisiness, and harsh noise as such. Due to the fact that he utilizes the experimentalism that makes German Army a floating experiment per se – makes it hard to categorize what shouldn’t be categorized. But we humans need an explanation as to what we’re actually listening to, which is hard to do when you come across something like this. Actually deciphering this wall of menacing, and possibly “heard before” sound, without making any pointers to what actually can be experienced through their sound – is hard enough. I advise you to listen to it, at least, because it’s magnificent with its all-out chilling influence, on the mind. The release can be bought from A Giant Fern Records, in the physical shape of a 180g LP.

Premiere: Neud Photo – Dimensions (Zarkoff feat. Iva Viskovic Mix)

BIG!IVA Kraftjerkz 14

From the western world of America, primarily New York, to the eastern realms of Croatia. Two worlds have met when Neud Photo and Zarkoff decided to let each other off the hook. Zarkoff got the chance to totally rework Neud Photo’s gloomier “Dimensions“-track, which has been out since a year ago. This time he used Iva Viskovic, a melancholic pop-queen, to enhance the peppier side of synth-pop. Even though the melancholic vibes can be felt, this rework is a lot more melodic and less atmospheric in a sense. Maybe it’s for the best, maybe it’s for the worst. The listeners don’t have to agree, but this is how Sasha Rajkovic (Zarkoff) have interpreted the original song, through his own lens. On a release that is called “Dimensions/Famous Grouse“, the reworked track is standing tall on the A-side of things – whilst his underground techno track “Famous Grouse“, is representing the Zagreb underground, packaged to the rest of the world – for them to hear. Kraftjerkz, a label from the US run by one guy – was the one that decided to put this release out. A year earlier, the track that you’re about to hear that is reworked, was released in its original shape by them. This is a time when the world is clashing, and what is better than to embrace it by reworking a track and making it into another version? I think you’ll have to listen to it for yourself if you want to believe it. It’s a tell-tale story that can easily be approached by the excitement of the listener. Tune in to “Dimensions (Zarkoff feat. Iva Viskovic Mix)” and forget where everything else came from, just take a deep breath and let yourself be swayed in. You can stream the track exclusively on Invisible Guy, down below. If you want to buy it, go to Downtown 304.