Listen: Believer/Law – War Story


I can’t keep up with every trendy music-site out there. But I can write my words without pencils, as I sharpen them before they’re out there – coming into cyberspace. When these New Yorkers, that call themselves Believer/Law, came out with their somewhat original industrially charged electronica – everyone started to freak out. But it’s not there where the story begins. Not that I thought they went unnoticed before that, but I don’t think that “Foxhole Prayers/Task At Hand“, a release that came out on Cae-Sur-A, is as widely spoken about as this track is. What track am I talking about? Their latest single “War Story“, of course. The same year that their first release hit the aforementioned label, Ryan Martin of the experimental label Robert & Leopold – released “Contrition“, a two-tracked cassette with the gloomy tracks “Rock Fucking Bottom” and “Contrition“. Even though I certainly get why they’ve gotten this hype because of the track, a lot of unnerving stuff has started to appear in conjunction with it. Enough about that. Anyway, I’m not here to overshadow this excellent track with not so meaningful nonsense. This track has got the iron fist that a lot of the older era industrial-acts had, packing in their own topics – with no remorse. “War Story” is a post-apocalyptic mayhem brought upon you by the harshly delivered vocals, together with continual rhythms that makes your adrenaline turn on. Add to that a melodic content that is such a trip back in time, blend it with 21st century antics and you’ll be set with it. Listen to it down below and await their release “Matters Of Life And Death“, out on Chondritic Sound sooner or later.